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The Habit of Ourselves & Wounded-Blame Nature

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

We all have a sense of deep brokenness inside. Self-loathing, fear and guilt dwell deep in the shadows of Collective Unconscious, living in separation from True Nature as Spirit-Soul-Self. The wounded-blame nature, as taught by my teacher Ron, is that part of personality that projects it’s victim-needs upon God and Life. This experience occurs when we are living in separation from the fullness of our Spirit-Soul Nature. Often we remain in bondage to the habit of ourselves through the wounded-blame nature of the personality. It’s from this experience of consciousness that we remain bound in the karmic continuum. In essence, it results is much egotism and suffering. It is another limited interpretation. The freedom is found in the Power of Love-Acceptance: To see clearly those who acted as a doorway for us, to incarnate and gave us life, as well as to go beyond the confines of our ego-mind's ideas of "good" "bad" and being in the "right" or "wrong". To truly gain insight, we must become vulnerable and humble, softening & opening the heart and dropping our "weapons". It asks us to drop the metal shields we have put up to "protect" from pain & discomfort. It calls for Self-Love, Compassion and Dignity of Soul.

The emotional collapse as Ron called it, is the reactive-response which we habitually feed. You could say this habitual response is a loyalty to the family or cultural field we belong to. We all have a different habit of response that we prefer. More often than not, we are addicted to our habit of response. It collapses our energy field and keeps us in low frequency. The systemic matrix and karmic continuum we are born into is usually holding low-frequency. Individuating from these low-frequency fields of conscience can be difficult because we feel a sense of guilt on a deep level. It’s as if we are betraying the field as we begin to experience happiness, joy and fulfillment. Imagine that! Our belonging in this sense, can become threatened. This is the personal conscience at work.

As we evolve spiritually and heal, our vibratory frequency expands, extends and transforms. In effect, it could cause major disruptions in the systemic matrix! The ultimate result will be for the highest good for everyone, even though there is discomfort at first. If we become our Self, we do a great service for the Field of Life. In fact, Salvation is not a singular thing. Enlightenment and liberation of the soul is a collective movement. We not to Receive for self-alone but for all sentient beings. We are One. When a soul rests in Salvation of the Lord, many become “saved” in a sense. For certain, we no longer disappear into hypnotic identities of our collapse. We shine the Light of Life. Holding it, tolerating it and no longer refusing, denying or excluding the Spirit Soul Nature of Self

The habitual response or habit of collapse comes in different forms. Clearing the subconscious, healing and spiritual practice call forth divine grace in our life. They gets the attention of the Light. It also dis-energizes harmful elementals (desire-thought forms we create from Mind) that trigger and feed off our emotional collapses. In time, they have less power. Often, these collapses have been merged with part of our identity. They can be very strong. With focus, awareness and love, we can learn to master our desires and emotions. We can construct positive, life giving thoughts and starve the egotism of the personality, with God and Spirit. Sometimes, they disappear after healing. Poof. Habit is gone. New life is given. The change is subtle yet it feels profound. What is it? This is deep internal re-organization. Higher vibratory frequency means less collapse and reversal of the field. Stabilizing and Harmonizing, holding the Big Field with Spirit becomes the new normal.

Our collapses include habit of response (emotional), attitudes, mentalities, judgement, expectations we place upon something and invisible agreements we have. These things are connected to our childhood and family patterns that we hold in place. Constellation work can be used to open up the field of the soul to examine the wounded blame aspects of self and integrate them through the Power of Love with Spirit. In doing so, we begin to bring acceptance, peace and unity to something that has been fragmented and lost in the shadows of our soul. We permit a new movement in consciousness to take place, out of the history of repetition ("normal") and it's past, and into the Greater Unknown Future with it's success, abundance and Self-Realization. When we respond to life in this new way, we are no longer inflicting violence on ourselves.

By this, we start to see things as they are, without the need to attach to a label, opinion or image that taints, distorts or corrupts us and the so called other. That isn’t to say we do not discern. Without interpretation we could say, is the experience of an enlightened perspective. It is free from self-grasping and clinging nature based in the minds ignorance; lack and separation. It frees us our wounded blame nature so that we can enter into a greater fullness, connection and abundance of the Self, Life and God.

Without these things, there is no free-will. There is no growth. Let us honor them and the role and service they play in our life.

May we all be lead from illusions and guided by our Spiritual Intelligence; God and Spirit

May we all overcome our habit of collapse and free ourselves from the personality and it’s wounded blame self.

May we be empowered and abide in the Fullness and Abundance of God and Spirit

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