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Spiritual Healing

Elevated Vibration, Greater Frequency,

Higher Consciousness, New Reality,

Infinite Light

The Field of Life is a multi-dimensional matrix of codes and information. For our Primordial Energy (That Which Contains our success, abundance and Self-Aware Nature) to flourish, we must begin to purge the conscience of dead works : the build up of unprocessed emotions, polluted thoughts, negative attitudes, limiting beliefs and the karmic structures keep us in bondage. Many of us are enslaved by our own thoughts and emotions. In turn, this can create severe imbalances that lead to chronic or serious illness, even manifest accidents or injury.


Thoughts, like memories, are living spirits, which can bless or curse, disrupt or enhance, cause death or be for life. Our programming and conditioning often keeps us stuck in repetitive patterns that limit our fulfillment and bind us to people, places, things or experiences we wish to move forward from. Breaking out of this inertia from the past takes a spiritual effort.


It calls us inward to honestly examine our relationship to Self and our place in this story. We must be active. It requires the cultivation of Love-Compassion on our part in order to evolve through this healing initiation. The voices, the stories and trauma we experience are like check engines lights on a car - they are informing us that our vehicle needs maintenance in order to function at a greater level and fulfill it’s purpose. They are in reality, our gateway to our spiritual evolution.

The healer sees  our life-difficulties and crisis as opportunities to grow and expand consciousness. They help us become who we are meant to be as Self, to gain the wisdom, understanding and to resolve the field we are in, to move forward where it has been frozen in time. In essence, a healer is simply supporting the undoing of negative karmic consequences that have been set into motion in the field, mending the field and empowering the souls growth to move forward with the Greater Frequency that is behind the issue.



The blueprint of the Soul is uncorrupted, perfect and whole in every way. Our True Nature is immortal and eternal. While the healer investigates the reality behind the manifesting conditions of the client, they hold the Big Field (Self-Aware Christ-Superconscious) with the Creative Consciousness (Holy Ghost & Archangels) and it's Greater Vision in Spirit and Truth (Gnostic-Direct  Perception): Immortal & Eternal Soul, the image and likeness of God (in YESHUA, the Human One of Light). In spiritual healing, this is our focal point that we establish within. Everything else is secondary. Beyond the outer limits of personality, the healer acts as a vessel for the Movement of Spirit, to pull through the Regenerative Force and Divine Grace that internally re-organizes, rebuilds and realigns with our Primordial Self & Energy (True Nature), opening the way and clearing the path for new life-possibilities and manifestation of Self to enter our experience in the Field of Life.


After a spiritual healing, it is important to continue to stabilize the field by learning to maintain the new frequencies that are active. Engaging in practices that will feed and nourish life will support this, whether it's diving in sacred texts, meditating, breathe work, reading/watching good things for the heart and mind or simply doing something that brings you joy.

Components of Spiritual Healing

 you can imagine, our bodies consist of a multitude of consciousness "neuro-nets" and form that are inter-connected, inter-dependent and multi-dimensional in nature -  We are the universe it is accessed from within us. The template of our Soul broadcasts itself into the many worlds of existence. Each level interfaces with each other by reflecting and refracting information, which in turn, emits a particular vibration and frequency, according to the angles of light. This result is an expression of consciousness. The less distorted this light is, the more clearly we will see reality for what it is. When we see with clear eyes, our body is full of light and we will experience a healthier, happier and peaceful existence. Further more, we will gain an enlightened perspective and come to know our purpose, place, power and meaning of our life. When we embody our light, we liberate ourselves from the attachments that cause us suffering, and by grace, we overcome the self-grasping nature and dualistic interpretations that most of the world remains trapped in, which ultimately leads to chaos and despair. This is our cosmic ignorance.


Healing in itself is a path of Self-Realization. In Christianity, the Greek word Sozo means salvation. Sozo implies healing, deliverance and degrees of enlightenment. This is the aim of true Christian life, to be Christ like. We see that all human beings seek liberation. It’s an inborn, spiritual movement. The Archetype of Self demonstrates this as observed by psychologists - the psyche is constantly keeping balance while also pursuing wholeness within itself. Spiritual aspirants from all traditions understand this and many have demonstrated how to break free from the cyclical-repetition of linear consciousness and it’s comfort zones - mainly derived from the external world with it’s programming and conditioning of information outside of Self .


Healing seeks to confront the depths of the soul  by illuminating the darkness and bringing it to the light, on all levels - this is not just a symbolic statement. The necessity of healing is essential to our evolution in consciousness. It’s through our healing that we establish new light on earth, new consciousness and thus a new experience and possibilities. This in itself changes the collective reality.  Consciousness will continue to push forward to become realized.  Evil pursues sinners, says the Psalms. If we vibrate at lower levels of consciousness we resonate with these energies, attracting one another, like two magnets. Furthermore, we absorb negative energies and accumulate stagnant emotions through all we do, say, see and experience whether conscious or subconsciously - thus be aware of the the thoughts we feed and the energies we choose to entertain. Carrying this weight is heavy and over time wreaks havoc in our body and soul. We must Know Thy-Self. Healing is here to break the spells of hypnotism, mainly from our own delusional thinking and self-willed ways. That’s why Yeshua said go and sin no more after a healing, because our so called wounded-blame nature is a major contributing force to our suffering, damning ourselves into sickness, possession and disease.  


The seeds of the Soul grow, some are seeds of light and others are pesty weeds that strangle the rest of our good crops. Yeshua tells the parable of the sower and in this case, the seeds of darkness planted in our spirit, mind and body must be uprooted. Our field is also our consciousness and all the worlds of existence they hold - material, psychical, mental and super-conscious - these bodies all have fields of consciousness and the seeds are like bundles of energy that manifest in the many levels of our nature. Very often we are led to feed the seeds that end up harming us most, it’s a super structure from That which comes before us (ancestors and history), habitual and firmly rooted from previous generations. Our efforts are met with Grace and the Lord’s Grace is sufficient in all of us. That means we are given exactly what we are able to do. This is all must be done with Compassion, Care and Respect, otherwise there is no Grace or Wisdom, only a battle between two polarities of mind, not a Movement of Spirit


Spiritual healing is about tending to the seeds of the field, every level. When our field is in order, weeded, watered, fertilized, given light and cared for with love, it flourishes and we benefit in health, prosperity, abundance and blessings. Our body is a Body of Light, a vehicle for Higher Consciousness and Divine Spirit. This is how true change occurs in the world. Let us tend to our field, regenerate our vehicles, and let the Soul flourish on earth as it is in heaven with God and Spirit!  

Internal Re-organization

Neuro-plasticity is the re-structuring of neural networks and the pathways of communication in the brain. In essence, this re-mapping creates new connections and growth that allows us to access new intelligence, skills, abilities and possibility in our life. The changes in our brain are really the epi-phenomena of the change of our consciousness and experience of reality.

Our consciousness has a codex which contains the blueprint of our Being.

All potential, possibilities, gifts, powers, dimensional aspects, resources, expressions and experiences are held here, including incarnational records. In order to embody and manifest the Greater Frequency of Self, we are given imbalances, challenges, obstacles and other karmic obligations that seek to be resolved through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual manifestations. It’s through the darkness that we are given the opportunity to obtain our light. Seeds planted in fertile soil are covered in darkness. Naturally, they sprout and go towards the light, to blossom into what they truly are. In a similar way, we have our garden to tend and our field to plough. It’s through our labors that we harvest the fruits of Spirit-Soul, in which we become vessels of Light for the Creator. This is the key to building a new world - upon a foundation of consciousness which is in based in True Knowledge and Understanding of Wisdom, Compassion and genuinely guided and sustained by the Spirit of Life.

Re-configuring the grid-systems of consciousness and their form is about correcting order and  place of energies in Mind. Often, knots of psychic and mental energies contradict, conflict and ultimately disrupt the spiritual and etheric currents. This inhibits our life-force and creates waves of chaos in our consciousness. It also can block us from receiving full healing. We can get an idea of whats moving within by observing our life situations, quality of relationships and familial dynamics - these things simply reflect the internal configuration we hold. Re-organization is an aspect of the work that takes place as part of releasing what no longer serves us and giving priority to what gives us Life. When Re-organization takes place it is subtle - our sense of meaning, value, perception and reference points in connecting with people have changed. Priorities are that which bring us life and feed Soul. Our interest and sense of self is renewed, often opening up a new direction in life which will bring us towards our true hearts desire and goodness. New Internal Re-organization brings forth new possibilities externally, because our manuscript reflects this new active code of consciousness, broadcasting a new frequency.

Primordial Regeneration

Archangel Raphael is known as the Lord of Etheric Vitality. Raphael plays a major role is restoring the Risen Body of the Messiah in accordance with the Ruach Ha-Kadosh, Holy Spirit. His Body holds the healing power of God. Etheric Vitality is a creative-substance which maintains all life, it keeps everything working and functioning properly. Archangel Raphael works with etheric vitality to repair and rebuild damaged material in spiritual, mental emotional and physical bodies. Etheric Vitality also absorbs pathogens, forms protective barriers and communicates with other aspects of consciousness to remove harmful forces in the body. This special Archangel holds the ability to regenerate the body all the way to a cellular level. While re-organization allows us to hold the higher frequency, regeneration is about restoring the bodies to original image: perfect and whole; the Divine I AM. In reality, holding the vision of a client in the Big Field as Divine Being allows us to pull through healing and regeneration on all levels. This will boost the frequency and vibration of a client as they replenish themselves with the energy that sustains them, from the Source of Life - God-Spirit. Regeneration can be observed in the new testament when St. Paul describes putting on the new self (Colossians 3:1-17) and in the parable of wine skins (Mark 2:22). The Valley of Dry Bones in the Bible is a great example of the generations in Israel who needed spiritual regeneration. “Our bones are dry and hope is gone, we are cut off” said the dead bones of Israel in Ezekiel vision. When we experience regeneration,  we feel re-invigorated with Spirit, Mind and Body, inspired and a overall sense of well-being. Our field is is full, flowing and vibrant. Healing takes place and old things fall away naturally, bringing you closer to Soul in God. We become more resilient to illness and overcome injury or sickness more quickly. This overflow of God-energy in itself creates our health and power to prosper.

Light Spark Collecting 

In Curanderismo, trauma is described a bit differently than in the West. Susto (magical fright) or even more severe, Espanto (splinter), is an experience or event that causes what Folk healers call soul loss. According to their traditions, whenever and wherever the experience took place, that aspect of the self is stuck there. Soul retrieval is a way which shamans and curandero’s would enter into the spirit realm to integrate this fragmented part into the light. In essence, trauma compartmentalizes itself into the depths of the subconscious and often stores itself in the body. This splitting effect creates a rift in consciousness. The rift acts as a gateway for those vibrational energies to enter through. In other words, it can become like grand central station with a vibrational imprint resonating with stuck emotions like fear and hatred. These act as portals in the field and cause distortions in spirit, mind and body. Discharging these imprints and bringing them into harmony allows us to restore and seal the tear in the field. It may take a week to process as these feelings and thoughts of the imprint come to light - we must affirm consciously to let them go and re-affirm our new self in the light. Light-Spark collecting allows us to re-integrate and stabilize in the reality of Soul “perfect and whole” as the Bible describes. We all experience and carry traumas from the previous generations, they are part of our karma and soil to birth our light. We see that many generations re-enact traumatic events as a misunderstood form of love. When we are fragmented with compartmentalized trauma, we are slowed down, heavy, unsure and missing out on the goodness of life when it is right in front of us. It blinds us from joy, beauty and saps our strength. When our traumas are relinquished, we are freed from their binding effects and are able to experience life beyond the energies contained in those stored traumatic memories. We can sense our innate inter-connectedness and are able to know Love more deeply.

Clearing Negation & Interference

 Negation is simply that which is causing a disturbance in our field. This could be negative family thought forms, negative entity embodying a particular energy or feeling from previous generations or simply an unresolved issue, often involving an injustice between victim and perpetrator.

Interference on the other hand, is more insidious in that it’s purpose and joy is in bringing pain and controlling, in one way or another, it’s target. Interference often has major karmic implications and is multi-dimensional, in that it is manifesting through many levels of the field and effecting many areas of the life. Interference can also be the Negative Polarity working through us and using our own weaknesses against us to cause more problems through our own mind. Crossing Thresholds and transitioning to new levels of consciousness of the journey, we often internally cross an abyss of fear, doubt or must master bad habits to move forward. They can manifest as demons, monster or evil gods that attempt to do us in. Yet, it is a labor in which we gain merit in God and attain a new height of awareness in spirit. If interference of the Negative is not dealt with swiftly, it allows it to gain momentum and force which becomes more difficult to attend to. Something so small may turn into something big, thus the wise will immediately act, holding the vision of what can come of an emotion or energy if not tended to.

Mainly in healing, Interference requires an extraction and removal of a Negative aspect via the Angelic. This can include dis-energizing it’s power back into Cosmic Consciousness, disconnecting, removing and sealing from where it has infested or simply placing a boundary where it is necessary. False light and fraudulent guidance comes when we are not rooted in our bodies and heart. We must test and discern spirit. We have perceive beyond the appearance and choose how to respond appropriately in this work. Not all disturbances call for removal. In fact, it often calls for reconciliation and the power of Compassion. Yet, there are malicious entities who enjoy causing ruin and chaos. God created both light and dark and it all has its place and purpose. With the right help, we can assist in restoring harmony in the field through the Power of Compassion and Grace.

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