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What are Spirit-Field Healing Constellations?

A Brief Overview

A Deeper Look at The Movements of Life We Take

Background and History


         Originally, Family Constellations is a profound group work birthed through Dr. Bert Hellinger, which opened up the family system to examine psychological roots of different issues. Powerful healing took place and new insights into family dynamics and relationships from Dr. Hellinger opened a greater depth of wisdom and understanding on the Movements of Love in the Field of Life and our place within it.  This included an observation that the family conscience has three immutable laws it actively upholds:

1. Belonging - everyone has right to belong

2. Order - what comes before has precedence

3. Balance - homeostasis of the field; equilibrium in giving and taking 

        Over time, it evolved beyond the systemic field and it's language (while maintaining it's universal laws), into  deeper archetypal dimensions of Self, as Dr. Hellinger began investigating the field with a spiritual healer and guide, Ron Young. With humility, Ron Young took what he received from Dr. Hellinger and pioneered the Constellation work with what Ron called 'The Big Field', which held it all as one unified field of consciousness with God and Spirit. As a spiritual healer, Ron worked with the Creative-Super-Consciousness in the Big Field, God and Spirit, where he is called to be of service to those with serious-life threatening illness. He supported the recovery of many whom are still alive today. In addition, Ron implemented this work for life re-visioning for people experiencing complex difficulties and challenges along their path.

     The work is ever-evolving and continuous opening in new ways, through those who choose to be of service, and, in how It supports those who seek help, guidance and healing in their lives. Trained under Ron Young as a spiritual healer doing spiritual constellations, I receive this work with love and humility, bowing before those who come before me in the lineage of the work, and, to That Which is Greater from whence it came. 

Spirit-Field Constellations

The Work of Constellations

Re-integrating what has been forgotten, missing or excluded.


        Spirit-Field Constellations work with playmobile pieces and implement the use of Saphire Imagery, created by renown teacher of Dreaming and Kabbalist, Dr. Shainberg, to open up the 'Big Field' within the Creative Consciousness.

     The nature of the work is multi-dimensional and dynamic in its unfoldment, allowing us to access and unwind the circuits of complexes disturbing or interfering within the energy matrix of our dreaming field. The movements of each playmobil figure represent different aspects of one consciousness. They hold numerous images and expressions that tell a story related to a particular theme or experience. It is all one consciousness. Every part of the dreaming-field is part of the dreamer. 

       Organically, these parts  creatively organize, revealing facets of our nature that may need our attention, through feelings, emotions, images and even sound impressions we receive.

The Spirit-Field is all inclusive. What has been forgotten, missing or excluded by us, at some point calls to be recollected and made whole. We hold memories of the past from generations who come before us. 

Standing behind us is That Which is Greater, passing through us, bringing forth the many generations as a Great River from which we receive Life. Living out of touch from this reality can cause discord and imbalance. In turn, our symptom calls us to defragment the gaps and re-unite with what's been lost. Simply put, when there is deep need to continue with unfinished movement - the call inward to heal is the voice of the Greater Field of Life speaking to us - to bring it forward, with God and Spirit.

   Our symptoms have meaning behind them. Often they can embody the events, the voices and the stories that came before us, whether known or unknown. Spirit-Field Constellations brings to light these unconscious dynamics contributing to our current difficulties and allows the Power of Love and Respect to bring forth a new configuration in the field. When we permit this Creative opening to unfold with God and Spirit, we choose Life. In agreement with new movements of Life, we make space and welcome the healing, transformation, peace and greater possibilities to manifest in our lives. 


Respect is a major element in this work. It allows healthy boundaries to be established so that dignity, empowerment and love can flourish and restore balance in the field. Respects acknowledges what is, with the Power of Compassion. Yet, It also preserves Dignity and Life to move forward into Completion and Fulfillment.

  The facilitator remains actively receptive to the Source-Field, perceiving and discerning it's language as it opens with the client. While the Field may require assistance, the facilitator does not interfere or try to make better. They follow and listen with the Creative Intelligence, as they too are part of the field.


  One must be ready with urgency to partake and benefit from the work. It calls for vulnerability and a sense of willingness to face all of themselves with love. Curiosity and fascination  can stagnate the field if the energy is not authentic enough to activate the constellation. There is sacredness here. With any healing practice, it requires an open heart full of compassion and courage. This is the foundation of it all, the Power of Love-Compassion and Life Itself, of which this work is based in. Being based from this place, there is no judgement of 'good' or 'bad' here, whether they are representing parents, children, abstract or archetypal energies. All are coming from one Source and must be honored. Even the most foul, darkest and sinister. We must learn to honor all of it and then we will begin to know true freedom and peace. It's in this embrace, we allow Love to restore order and harmony in our lives. 




The Benefits

Inner Regeneration for Outer Change

Regeneration is about restoring wholeness through the Power of Love-Compassion. This is the genesis of new life. Beyond  the habituated movements from the  past and it's limited expectations, Destiny awaits us our arrival with open arms. The Greater Unknown future, with It's  manifestation of abundance, love, wisdom and success meets us, by Grace with God and Spirit.

  Deeply rooted issues that disturb, interfere or contract the dream-field are pulled up to the surface to be re-organized and integrated in order to align, regenerate and open new possibilities with God and Spirit. 

 There is no limit to the application of constellations; whether it is for personal, family, organizations or community. After a session, the movements will continue to unfold for months and may require assistance as things unfold, in order to keep things moving onward and flowing in harmony.

Spirit-Field Constellation assist and support:

  • Creating space for your dream partner

  • Heal old wounds and trauma that keep you stuck in the past

  • Free yourself from dysfunctional family patterns

  • Reverse sickness and chronic disease

  • Resolve complex life difficulties and challenges

  • Unlock health and vitality 

  • Restore peace, joy and fulfillment in your life

  • Open the way for the power to succeed

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