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                             Spiritual Constellations  F.A.Q

A Brief Overview

A Deeper Look at The Movements of Life We Take



         Originally, Family Constellations is a profound group work birthed through Dr. Bert Hellinger, which opened up the family system to examine psychological roots of different issues. Powerful healing took place and new insights into family dynamics and relationships from Dr. Hellinger opened a greater depth of wisdom and understanding on the Movements of Love in the Field of Life and our place within it.  This included an observation that the family conscience has three immutable laws it actively upholds:

1. Belonging - everyone has right to belong

2. Order - what comes before has precedence

3. Balance - homeostasis of the field; equilibrium in giving and taking 

     The work is ever-evolving and continuous opening in new ways, through those who choose to be of service, and, in how It supports those who seek help, guidance and healing in their lives. Trained under Ron Young as a spiritual healer doing spiritual constellations, I receive this work with love and humility, bowing before those who come before me in the lineage of the work, and, to That Which is Greater from whence it came. 

The Evolution of Family Constellations


       Traditional FC is based in linear-time consciousness and focuses on the psychology of a system. The original framework looks through the lens of lineage, history and themes resonant in the family field. Its primacy is finding balance and order in the family system according to the family soul we have incarnated through and its conscience. As the work expanded into archetypal dimensions of Self, universal patterns and language emerged, which pushed the boundaries of the original understanding and what's possible in FC. Archetypal in this sense is a level and world of consciousness from which aspects of the One-Soul in the Divine World, emanates an individualized Spirit-Soul-Self in Timeless-Eternity. This Self is projected into worlds of existence, manifesting Itself within Itself and interfacing with It’s own Selfhood or Soul-Matrix. Timeless-Eternity begins to interact with time-space-place through the intersect of Self and the many soul facets and dimensions of our Selfhood or Soul Matrix. Our Divine Blueprint, Destiny, Fate, Karma are accessed from this space of our Spirit-Soul-Self in the Divine World - like the Akashic Records or Cosmic Memory. What we are, as we are in God as Godself is in the Divine World. Yet, this Divine Nature is interfacing in time-space at the same time. It’s from this experience of the Superconscious Mind we work with and access our True Self as a Holy Spirit-Soul-Being. We are working with this Soul-Self, as the inmost interior nature and the authority and power given to it, rather than the family field, in order to draw down Divine Grace to resolve karmic consequences that bind our person and life. Our image & likeness in God includes the family field yet  abides in Higher Consciousness.


     The Consciousness of the Spiritual-Field Constellation work is all inclusive yet it is unbound by personal history, name and form, preceding mental-being. Through the agency of Spirit (Godforce), we are able to call forth a type of  spiritual intercession, unwind karmic conditions and essentially rewrite the karmic manuscript by the Power of Love. The deeper opening of  this Spiritual Consciousness or Self-Superconscious Nature in the constellation work transcends time-space-place as we understand it. Hence, representatives may be manifesting 2-5 identities at a time and the inter-play of timelines or life-lines we can call them. We are multidimensional beings, many selves, many parts, spanning all domains. The time-space spectrum that arises, appears and transpires in the field will not make sense to our mental being. Much like a dream, it requires the intuitive intelligence of our Spirit-Being, in order to access deeper insight - which is very different from interpretation or analysis and yields a different result.


      The language and images of the family field are present but secondary. The Spiritual Constellations work reveal the reality that is held in place as well as bringing forth new possibilities in the field, beyond the repetitions of the past (which is based in linear-time), opening into the Greater Unknown Future. This may sound daunting but it is very positive and beautiful, as  forces of light come to aid and support this movement forward, all guided by That Which is Greater than us. It is important to remember that the Field is One. It is not just the present day personalities we are working with of the family - they are secondary. There are forms and images - realities- held in place within our  own Soul-Matrix (Selfhood) that are also being worked on - to be purified, reintegrated and harmonize with the Greater Wisdom of the Holy Soul and it’s fulfillment, it’s success, and Self-Knowing Nature being Actualization and Manifested.





What is Spiritual Constellation Work?


Constellation work is a way which we can open the Gates of Consciousness to explore and heal various soul facets and dimensions of Self. It allows us to access deep into the recesses of our subconscious mind and unconscious mind, while at the same time, pulling through and anchoring light & power of the Self-Superconscious for  the re-organization & re-integration of many levels of our Soul-Being. This in turn touches and benefits not only ourselves but the land and the people, even other spirits.  


By generating a sacred container, the flow of the constellation work allows us to interface with the Soul-Self Matrix and directly engage, through the agency of the Divine Intelligence -Spirit- with the subtle movements of the Soul-Being: it’s energy, the beings and forces woven together that make up the reality behind scenes of our life-display in the waking life. Spiritual Constellations helps to peel back thick psychic veils that obstruct our perception and impede our growth. By clearing the source of an affliction, we can re-orient the focus, energy and will-power in a new direction which opens new doors of life and opportunity to be materialized and experienced, aligning with the Divine Intelligence that guides us, our True Nature. This naturally connects us to strength, hope, peace and love which supports the new openings of consciousness, blessings, choice and potential.



The Application of Spiritual Constellations


          Spiritual Constellations gives us an opportunity to unwind stories, narratives and karmic consequences that are rigidly held in the field of life we are incarnated into and negatively effect our lives today. It works best when we have a specific issue we are trying to resolve or heal. We are in held in place by Those Who Come Before Us. Born into this impersonal rigidity of family, culture, race and society, we all carry information of the past in our body. Part of our task here is to help bring the field we are born into forward as consciousness accelerates and evolves, out of the repetitions of what is known and often harmful, and into the Greater Unknown Future, with it’s Abundance and Success meeting us every step of the way as guided by That Which is Greater - God & Spirit.


         One of the great powers of Spiritual Constellation work is it’s ability to unveil the nature of an issue or condition we are experiencing. Often there are insights, illuminations and inspirations that unlock the consciousness and help us see differently in a way that transforms us. We are given a “bigger picture” of the reality and what is contributing to our current experience, not by analysis but through revelation - a natural, spontaneous and direct experience of the reality that is known and felt by our intuitive intelligence. Like a frog in a fish bowl, with this new awareness we take a quantum leap out of the old paradigm of the bowl and brought into a new life-line of probabilities and reality that begin to unfold.


       Spiritual Constellations is diverse in it’s application and dredges deep into the psyche to correct certain patterning, re-organizing and realigning the trajectory of our person and life with the Will Towards the Light.


        There is much help that arrives during Spiritual Constellations to support the healing, some of which we place directly into the Field when working or we simply attune to the Higher Power to further guide and radiate the frequency into the field and observe it’s effects. This shift of focal point in Spiritual Constellations to working with God and Spirit, allows us to open up to the greater potential of Divine Grace and it’s Power of Love to bring forth the healing or resolution needed to the Participant.  


       We can use Spiritual Constellations as a tool to understand our place in certain situations or  in organizations and where to redirect our focus to. We can also use them to explore choices of what is best for us or uncover hidden dynamics at play in the system we belong to. Health and the body is also another approach to work with Spiritual Constellations. In addition to working with the family, Spiritual Constellations is multi-dimensional in nature, which allows us to work with Cosmic Memory and the incarnational memory imprints that are also being worked out in this cycle through our person and life, often overlapping with family soul and it’s karma. This includes freeing up soul facets trapped in darkness, eradicating malignant entities, cutting links to qlipphotic energy, releasing negative spirit guides or exposing false light. Exploring and rectifying different types of karma is also possible through Spiritual Constellations.  Truly, there possibilities are endless in how we can work!               



How does it work?


            The Facilitator and Participant work together as an intersect for Spirit, under the guidance of the Divine Intelligence, by means of intentions, attunement, Knowing & discernment. The Participant must have a sense of urgency in regards to their desire or needs. They should also be willingness to engage and heal. At the very least, there should be some inclination to spiritual life and practice - something that re-orients the Participant to Self. This will enable the constellation to organically unfold and the Movement of Spirit to naturally take up the work, in, with, through and as “us”. The Facilitator will explore the nature of the issue with the Participant on a factual basis in order preserve the authentic expression of the constellation when it opens in the Field. Further exploration of an issue may involve specialized guided imagery techniques or meditation to prepare and open the field and energy of the constellation. The Facilitator acts as cable for the Divine Intelligence. In varying grades and degrees, they are given a Body of Vision to perceive into the Spiritual World, discern and discriminate what is inside a form and communicate with the Field.


         Depending on the type of constellation and what arises and transpires, different approaches & necessities are called for, all as the Spirit Moves and Wills. Sometimes there’s a need to pacify or enrich an aspect in the Soul Matrix for the healing to take place in the Field. Other times, it may require an intervention of sorts, whether to cut off, remove or adjust positioning, all  as guided by the Movement of Spirit.


What Can I Expect in a Session?


           Constellation work is visceral and gets us in touch with our emotions and body. In reality, all of the information of the field is contained in the body. All of these inner-parts and their information, make up a greater whole, like organized cells, they are interdependent networks of thought-forms which consist of image, emotions, desires and mental energy. Together, like a dream, they symbolically tell a story and shed light on the structures of conscience and the relations of these parts that we are holding in place within our consciousness.  

 In 1 on 1 sessions, we work with playmobil figures to discover the configurations & functions of various soul facets, as well as interacting with our multi-dimensional nature through these facets. The table we use becomes the grounds for the Field of Life, from which acts like a mirror for us to see and feel the Soul-Matrix through these playmobil figures, as the Facilitator accelerates and amplifies the consciousness of the Field with Holy Spirit and the Higher Powers.

          With an orientation to the spiritual, prayer, song or sound-vibration may be utilized during the constellation.  The Facilitator guides the Participant to attune, feel and discern the postures, positions and dynamics of the playmobil figures in the field. The Facilitator is also in communication with the Field of Life, asking questions and following leading's of the Spirit, while refocusing and holding the Field for Divine Grace to bring forth what is possible for the Soul-Matrix, it’s re-organization and it’s healing. They very much are ‘in-between worlds’ while engaging in the work. This is also an experience the Participant may have, be it subtle or intense, as the Spirit does take up our person and opens our consciousness to the living knowledge and realities of the Field of Life,Spirit-Soul and the different levels of our being that are being played out.


After a Session


       Post Spiritual Constellation session will have a check-in after 3 days. For about a week, a variety of thoughts, emotions and energy will be surfacing from the unconscious mind to be released in a very active way. Expectations, how we frame, attitudes and mentalities will arise actively to be recognized and let go. The ‘karmic knots’ are unwinding and passing through you as your consciousness re-adjust itself to new changes and integrates the work. The Facilitator may give certain exercises to help integrate and support the healing moving forward. This can include meditation practices, visualization, ritual work, spiritual baths or affirmation. Sometimes dreams may occur after the work and it’s important to follow up on them by speaking with the Facilitator. It’s also important to take any insights, illuminations or inspirations and implement them to daily life in order to stabilize the movement forward and actualize the changes in consciousness full through. The energy from the Spiritual Constellation can be intensive for up to a month. However, what has been set into motion will continue to be moving for years to come, as it initiates a deep healing process. Like any healing work, this is not a “cure-all” method and may require further work and integration. As with any healing work, we must learn to trust and have faith in the process in order to reap the most benefits out of it.   

Spiritual  Constellations

Key points:

Re-integrating what has been forgotten, missing or excluded.

The Field of Life is all inclusive. What has been forgotten, missing or excluded by us, at some point calls to be recollected and made whole. We hold memories of the past from generations who come before us. 

Standing behind us is That Which is Greater, passing through us, bringing forth the many generations as a Great River from which we receive Life. Living out of touch from this reality can cause discord and imbalance. In turn, our symptom calls us to defragment the gaps and re-unite with what has been made disconnected for whatever reason. Simply put, when there is deep need to continue with unfinished movement - the call inward to heal is the voice of the Greater Field of Life speaking to us - to bring it forward, with God and Spirit.

   Our symptoms have meaning behind them. Often they can embody the events, the voices and the stories that came before us, whether known or unknown. Spirit-Field Constellations brings to light these unconscious dynamics contributing to our current difficulties and allows the Power of Love and Respect to bring forth a new configuration in the field. When we permit this Creative opening to unfold with God and Spirit, we choose Life. In agreement with new movements of Life, we make space and welcome the healing, transformation, peace and greater possibilities to manifest in our lives. 


Respect is a major element in this work. It allows healthy boundaries to be established so that dignity, empowerment and love can flourish and restore balance in the field. Respects acknowledges what is, with the Power of Compassion. Yet, It also preserves Dignity and Life to move forward into Completion and Fulfillment.

  The Facilitator remains actively receptive to the Field, perceiving and discerning the energies and forms as it opens with the Participant. While the Field may require assistance, the Facilitator does not interfere or try to make better. They follow and listen with the Creative Intelligence, as they too are part of the Field.


  One must be ready with urgency to partake and benefit from the work. It calls for vulnerability and a sense of willingness to face all of themselves with love. Curiosity and fascination  can stagnate the field if the energy is not authentic enough to activate the constellation. There is sacredness here. With any healing practice, it requires an open heart full of compassion and courage. This is the foundation of it all, the Power of Love-Compassion and Life Itself, of which this work is based in. Being based from this place, there is no judgement of 'good' or 'bad' here, whether they are representing parents, children, abstract or archetypal energies. All are coming from one Source and must be honored. Even the most foul, darkest and sinister. We must learn to honor all of it and then we will begin to know true freedom and peace. It's in this embrace, we allow Love to restore order and harmony in our lives. 




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