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Inner Transformation for Outer Change 

Sometimes we get stuck in images we have internalized and it becomes the force that defines our life, like a repetitive dream, creating our own

imprisonment subconsciously.

It is as if these images form shells around our mind and screens over our eyes, which block out new possibilities and entangle us into burdens of great difficulty that deplete our health physically, emotionally and mentally.

Other times these images make us sick and cut us off from receiving joy, success, love, fulfillment, creativity or empowerment, even physically manifesting as serious illness or diseases.

Often, behind the unpleasant condition or adversity, is an opportunity to awaken, heal and transform our lives into that which is greater, deeper and connected inside of us.

Spiritual Consciousness moves to unwind, absolve and surrender all images, to become whole and light, undivided and unconditioned, in accordance with That Which is Greater than us.


With God, all things are made possible.

To Book a Session, please contact Alex directly:


*It is important to note that I am not a medical professional nor a psychologist. I do not diagnose, treat or cure people. Spiritual healing is not meant to replace these practices. If you need serious medical or psychological advice or treatment, please seek a  licensed professional in these areas of expertise for help.*

Spiritual Healing

Healing with Divine Being.

I work with the Holy Ghost & Archangelic to regenerate and rebuild the field at all levels of your being. karmic seeds and trauma are uprooted and negative forces dis-energized. To expand and transform inner and outer, spirit and matter, restoring harmony and balance in the system and re-aligning it with the Divine. 

**To Book a healing please contact Alex directly:**

Spiritual Healing ( 1.5h) - 


Our material body has a corresponding physical, noetical and spiritual body. Each has their own etheric double which stores memory, images, energy and elementals (living thought-forms). Over time, build up of negative forces accumulate from our lifestyle, as well as inherited from our family system can severely contract our life force. This can constrain our growth, stagnate the flow of our energy levels and limit our field of possibilities to attract what we need to prosper and be in good health. We are a multi-dimensional host for Creation. Our inner world is alive with a myriad of structures we create, consciously and subconsciously. Like all things, the systems that hold our consciousness in place require upkeep to sustain the highest level of functioning and draw forth the supply and resources needed for the journey. This includes solutions, possibilities, healing, fulfillment, success, vitality, financial support, manifestation and alignment - all are sourced from within our Being. All the answers are within us.


Spiritual healing investigates what is behind the manifesting issue, yet does not work with symptoms. Holding the Big Field with It’s Greater Vision, the healer is simply a vessel for the Creative Intelligence known as the Holy Spirit, to pull forth Grace through the Power of Love.

While holding this Consciousness as the primary focal point, the sub fields open within the Big Field to regenerate, reorganize and rebuild from the inside out. Spiritual Healing not only works energetically to re-vitalize the bodies, clear the main gates and chakras but acts as a Divine Intercession, seated within the Authority and Dominion of the Christ Emanation and calling forth the healing demonstration within and through God and Spirit. 


  • Activate and align your Divine blueprint

  • Awaken new perception and awareness

  • Clear limited beliefs and binding agreements 

  • Renewed sense of self and purpose

  • Attract greater possibilities and potential

  • Clarity of mind 

  • Enhance your connection to the Divine

  • Release the weight of negative subconscious energy

  • Increase health and vitality

  • Clear out intrusive entities and unwanted attachments draining life force

Dream Work Therapy Session
 **To Book a healing please contact Alex directly:

Bridge the conscious and subconscious mind. Transform the recesses of the subconscious into a clearer channel and pathway of dreaming and spiritual life through specialized imaginal exercises to correct your night dreams.

 Dream Opening 

Dreams contain everything we need to know about our inner world, as a multi-layered mythological cauldron awaiting the Hero’s alchemical response - and you are the hero of your myth. The dreamer of the dream. By exploring the depths of the subconscious through dreams, we are opening the gates of transformation. You will learn how to open dreams and understand it’s universal language of symbols and images. Dreams reveal the repetitive patterns and themes that stagnate our growth into our true expression. They also shine a light on our gifts, potential and desires. You will see the different types of dreams and how to correct your dreams and transform your life. Most importantly, you will see begin to become aware of the interconnectedness between your night dream and day dream; your inner world and outer experience.

  Through our dreams, we can illuminate answers to the questions we have in our day time life. Dreams reveal the inner world of experience and can show us the heart of the matter; the roots beneath the soil. Immerse into the subconscious and discover who you are, how to transform your life and manifest your potential. In this session we work with a dream to decode and uncover the meaning and message behind the it’s images. Afterwards, we respond to the dream in a way to bring about transformation. 

Spiritual Constellations  **To Book a healing please contact Alex directly:

Psycho-spiritual sessions to work with deeply rooted, often hidden, issues and karmic conditions that are severely disrupting the field, whether ancestral or incarnational.

*30* min consultation required for assessment 

Follow up post session to support the movements forward and integrate. This may include meditation, imaginal exercises, dream work, reflective practices or ritual. 




Spirit-Field Constellation (1hr)  - Spiritual Field Constellations works with the Creative Consciousness, Spirit, to re-organize, regenerate and to open new possibilities of life, clarify perception and healing. Spirit leads us to open the field, restore order and bring forth healing. While maintaining the original, immutable laws of family conscience from the original family constellation work, Spirit Field constellations works to open up a new multi-dimensionality of the Field of Life, through the authority of the Holy Spirit, often bringing to light deep and disruptive issues and permitting, by grace, divine intervention and re-organization with the Movement of Spirit.


   We carry an unknown past with impersonal rigidities that contract our life force. Holding us in place are the generations that came before us; their stories, voices, habits and traumas. Ultimately this is the karmic fuel that must be metabolized for our healing, our empowerment and Self-Realization. Complex and hidden entanglements are revealed that are deeply embedded in the subconscious. This includes our unspoken agreements, expectations, tendencies and collapse emotions.  By the Power of Love, a new configuration permits openings that were once not present in the field to draw forth new movements of life. The manifestations vary, yet the consciousness continues to bring forward what is needed. 


Essentially, constellation work is a waking dream with the Power of Holy Spirit guiding us. After a brief overview, we evoke the emotion connected to the issue in order to invoke the memory imprints that are active in the field. Upon activation, we set up a constellation according to what is needed and enter the Creative Consciousness together. As a facilitator, I assist in attuning to different pieces of playmobil to experience each aspect of consciousness as you envision their movements, postures, emotions and relationships to each other. During this process, there is deep release, powerful healing and revelatory insights that emerge. Sometimes different playmobil representatives may be added as the field opens, revealing what needs to be recognized or seen. Post constellation process involves imagery exercises, and customized 'homework' to support the unfoldment of consciousness. Constellations are continuously unfolding like dreams. Initiating movements of the field already permits change to occur. 


 Constellation work is used to:


  • Uncovering hidden dynamics and invisible loyalties behind complex life difficulties, serious illness, mental health issues and relationship challenges 


  • Gain insight into organizational systems to understand problems at work and how to resolve them


  • Heal the past and let go of old wounds that have been holding you back from living your life fully


  • Restore harmony, energy and joy.

Package Offerings

To yield the most benefits out of this work, consistency is key. This allows us to go deeper and address core issues that may be avoided by the personality or simply hidden in the nooks and crannies of the subconscious mind. The work Itself is intelligent and continues to unfold before and after our sessions, supporting the openings of consciousness in and through. All this work is based in the Power of Compassion with Spirit. I invite your honest and authentic self, your heart and Soul into a Sacred space of healing with God and Spirit to see what is possible through these offerings. 

*Donations go toward supporting the work, the website and content*

**To Book a healing please contact Alex directly:




"If you only knew how much I Love you, you'd cry with joy"

 - Mother Mary of Međugorje

Spirit-Antivirus Systems Cleanup and Defragmentation
 4 sessions

The Purification Key (Cleansing, Healing and Regeneration)

We live in an ocean of energy that we breathe and walk through everyday. As you can imagine, this sea of consciousness is quite polluted. The overwhelming stagnant energy, miasms, negative elementals and malicious entities reflect the water, air and land pollution we see in our world today. 

Just as there are harmful pathogens, viruses and bacteria there are spiritual organisms that can cause health problems, create mental and emotional instability, disrupt our focus and affect our behaviour. Our daily lives involve exchanges of energy. Most people get entangled with other peoples stories and emotions without realizing how they contaminate their consciousness. This neglect over time allows negative forces to penetrate our lives which can lead to accidents, confusion, self-sabotage and perpetual block

       Over time, we accumulate low frequency that builds up in our fields and begins to affect our well-being. This could be from watching violent or scary movies, listening to negative music, engaging in gossip, taking drugs, arguing or fighting, being around chaotic events, trauma or working in intense environments. Often our field is reversed and destabilized from holding higher frequency which makes us susceptible to these harmful energies that can hijack, squat and feed off our own fear and suffering. When we hold onto low frequency energy, we attract that same vibration. Matthew 12:43-45 from the Bible reveals the nature of the desire-thought forms (elementals) we create with our subconscious mind that open the doors to that same vibration and ultimately manifests chaos and disorder in our lives. 

When we are completely overwhelmed with stress, fear and hopelessness, I call this saturation.

Saturation means that there is an infestation that is disturbing the field. Usually this is due to our own fear doors, emotional collapses and entanglements. Getting a Spiritual Clearing restores order and balance in one’s life.

    Spiritual Clearing is a program designed to discharge, uplift and rebuild the spirit, mind and body. Clearing also may involve reconciling the past and healing relationships. Methods and techniques will be given to support stabilizing new frequencies and construct life-giving elementals to transform your mind and cleanse your heart to experience clarity, more positive thinking, restoring your will-power and a lighter state of being. 

Sessions include:

  • Investigation and review of the case

  • Multi-Dimensional clearing and sealing of the field

  • Elevation of consciousness; vibrate greater health, wisdom and compassion

  • Clear blockages and life obstacles; inner re-organize and align with the True Self

  • Techniques to support and stabilize the clearing

  • Methods to uplift and raise your frequency

  • Check ins for integration and assistance 

  • Learn to hold the field and maintain your clearing

  • Unlock new perception and openings in life

Ties That Bind: Resolving the Bloodline and Beyond  with Spirit Field Constellations

The Ancestral and Incarnational Keys (Restoring Order, Respect and Permission into Greater Future)

Our covenant governs our existence. Unspoken agreements and hidden loyalties to unconscious patterns of the past can cause us to repeat the same experience and fate of those who came before us. Finding order in the family field is essential to restoring balance and harmony in our lives. This is foundational for any healing process and allows us to individuate in a healthy way rather than bypassing our family. Resolving the bloodline is about getting to the bottom of deep complex issues that are interfering with our lives while also finding our place in the system. This work requires urgency and willingness to engage. You are supporting your entire lineage by doing your own inner work and bringing the field forward to resolution with God and Spirit. This work helps get to bottom of major issues behind manifesting conditions.

Sessions include:

  • Examination of agreements, collapses, expectations and responses

  • Big-Field Spirit Healing-Family Constellation with main urgency/ issue (2 hours)

  • Mother movement - To renew relationship; access inner Self-Compassion and Trust  (1 hour)

  • Father movement - To renew relationship; access inner strength and support

  • Destiny movement - Permit and welcome the opening and take the movements to arrive with  Destiny

  • Sacred Space to integrate and receive guidance and support during reorganization process process

  • Follow up exercises to continue the flow of the constellation unfoldment. 

Dream Work Therapy & Alchemy- 6 Psycho-Spiritual Sessions: £240.00

The Dreaming Key (Insight, Clarity, Transformation)

All human beings have a great labor - to correct themselves so that their Creative Light can shine. This means all inner images are harmonized without self-inflicted violence. The expression of Soul manifests Self with it's gifts, service, meaning, realization and fulfillment with God and Spirit with Abundance, Success and Self-Knowing. This attainment brings much healing to the earth. Dreams act as an interface to complete this work and give us direction and show us how to transform ourselves. 

Dive into the subconscious and discover the hidden elements at work behind the scenes of your conscious mind. Learn the creative language of dreaming and how they interact with our daily life. Discover the nature of the subconscious mind and the power of dreaming. Our dreams tell us show us what we need to do in order to find balance, harmony and fulfillment in our lives. This work is not limited to our night time dreams as our day time life is part of our dreaming-field. Life is a dream and every part of the  dream is part of the dreamer.

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