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A Closer Look into Meditation & States of Being

Meditation is our return and reunion with the Divine Self. Meditation is not mindfulness or simply to help you de-stress. While being mindful and relaxing the body is part of our meditation practice, it is not meditation itself. Mindfulness teaches us to observe without aversion or attachment. Visualization helps us to develop concentration, focus and ability to construct living forms. Dreaming teaches us how to harness our imaginal powers and set energy-beings and forces into motion to impact the matrix, the field of life, to bring light and blessings into this world. Devotion and cleaving to the Divine through a Holy Partzuf (Divine Image) or Presence cultivates deep love, reliance and intimate relationship with God-Spirit. Introspection and contemplation act as navigational tools that can guide us to the inmost stations of the soul and draw us closer into realization and actualization of our Divine Union & True Nature as One Soul. All of these internal movements are aspects of meditation practice.

Meditation is about entering into the conscious union with the God-Self and God. This is our labor, to cleave and reach this intimate state of knowing in our holy soul, from which we realize, in various degrees and gradations, the Truth & Light of our inseparable existence from The One. In Holy Kabbalah, this Movement of Spirit is called yichudim, or Divine Union. In the ascent of the soul, the experience of Divine Union is the wholeness and perfection of the Soul in Christ - not as a philosophical concept of theological idea - but as a revelatory experience of unity and fullness which radically transforms us with power. What power? The One Life Power - Infinite Beingness God.

Holy Remembrance of this Divine Union is the message of Gospel, it’s the Testimony of Lord Yeshua as Messiah, the fruition of Love - not just simply as historical figure separate from us but as the Enlightenment and Liberation of Humanity from it’s forgetfulness and ignorance - very much integral and living inside of us - calling us inward and Godward, to grow, evolve and fulfill the Divine Plan. In and of itself, Holy Remembrance of Divine Union is a meditation practice and in Christian Kabbalah, fulfills the Torah as the Way, the Truth and the Life Divine in this world and World-To Come. This meditation though is not limited to the sacred space we create and time we put aside to dedicate to the Holy One. We are to become the Sacred Space and carry within us the awareness of meditation in the Holy One, throughout the day and night - even in dreams!

There are many different levels of this experience. Over time, we mature in faith and love and stabilize from within this Inner Space of the Holy One in us, as our Self; an indivisible Divine Being in unity and fullness with the Source of Life. Making contact with this Primordial Space & Light begins to awaken within us the conscious knowledge of the Love & Unity that’s always been there, just concealed from our awareness, unconscious, and thus excluded from our experience and life-display, due to our own ignorance. This is not intellectual - it is a direct experience within the Nature of Reality and it is demonstrated, through our realization and actualization of this Divine Potential, in the depths of our Innermost Self.

By Divine Grace, the Movement of Spirit, the gates of revelation open and we receive insights, illuminations and Gnosis- knowing, of what is within and behind our person and experience of life. This Gnosis is immortal and eternal, it cannot be broken or be taken away. As we grow, this Gnosis strengthens our faith and draws forth the hope in the heart of the holy soul. This hope leads us from illusions and guides the soul, out of what it is not and into what it is, according to the truth and light revealed from within, by the Lord, the Spirit.

In this way, we are enlightened and liberated from suffering - caused by the delusion of lack, separation and the bondage to the evil caused by our own attachment, aversion and fragmented identities outside of the True Self.

In this Divine Union, this Coming Home Within, is great joy, rest, peace and an expansion of vision and dreaming, for the more we realize this Divine Union, we no longer become the doer but merged with God-Spirit, the Holy One, there is alignment, clarity, understanding and powerful healing - not by us, but through the Movement of Spirit through us, as us. Yes, the cessation of the doer, repose of mind from thinking. A very different way of being indeed, a way of insight, inspiration and unity rather than interpretation, judgment and depletion.

This healing and strength in truth, is the regeneration back the image (inner) and likeness (outer) we are created in: Ain, Radiant No-thingness. This can only be known and understood the deeper one goes inward and Godward and receives Divine Grace.

All of this, whether physical, material, psychological or spiritual, is by Divine Grace, from the heart beating, to our breath to the power that animates our bodies with life everyday. To recognize this, feeling it, seeing it, it to see the Kingdom. We see the Kingdom outwardly because inwardly we are in it. Just like in our dreams, every part of the dream is part of the dreamer. Indeed, we are the dreamers and the experience of our life-display is the dream. In our Authority, the Living Word, Soul in Christ, we awaken from the slumber and move, live and have our Being in the Kingdom inwardly and outwardly, as Gnostic Apostle and Master Tau Malachi says, 'From the One, to the One, for the One, God drawing out God-Self in and through all things'. This is the Strength of God, in our Vision, Single Eyes. Thus, we tend the flame and keep it blazing. What flame? The Holy Fire in the heart. As Dr. Styllianos Atteshies, Christian Mystic and Healer once said, "never stop loving'. In truth, these are the first two commandments; Yahweh Achad, God is One.

This is the ‘soul awakening’ to Life Itself as God-Source, within you.

Not up in heaven, far away or a lofty intellectual ideal, nor as an unattainable aspiration. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, here and now, as a natural and spontaneous arising of radiant consciousness, all made possible by Divine Grace and the Movement of Spirit, through our faith, love and Gnosis of the Real Reality and True Nature of the Self. And there is only Now! There is great peace and joy in this, so much love and thanksgiving, which is the movement of your True Self, God Self, the One Soul, to yourself. Much Like Yeshua and the 1 sheep, re-integrating the fragmented ego complex.

In time, the experience of separation between our inner and outer worlds collapses. The apparent distance between body and soul, spirit and Divinity diminishes. We return to a unified state of consciousness, here and now. We feel, hear, sense and see the energetic dimensions beyond form and appearance. As the wounded-blame self decreases and surrenders it’s false images and expectations, it gives way to our Divine Intelligence and Light . In faith, we follow leadings of our Divine Intelligence, from abiding within, with Spirit. We are One with the Spirit and the Spirit is One with us, living inside of us, as us - duality of mind that was held as real, is reconciled. In truth, it is no longer about us, from the perspective of the wounded-blame ego and it’s need to justify itself and it’s fragmented worldview. By the renewal of our mind, we grow into a Greater Compassion-Wisdom and expand into a greater alignment, freedom and offering in how we express and manifest ourselves in the world. Things are no longer done in depletion, self-exclusion, fear, guilt or conflict but with peace, joy, self-acceptance and freedom.

Thus, we begin conscious communication with our Divine Intelligence and learn listen, follow and trust the Way given to us, for us, beholding our abundance, success and Self-Knowing Nature with God-Spirit. Meditation is the practice that helps us return to the Soul in Christ, the True Self and Eternal Now.

Keeping up a continuum of meditation practice brings many benefits that improve health, increase energy-vitality, increase mental health, emotional growth and physical well-being. However, these are all secondary phenomena of re-uniting with the Source of our Being and actively maintaining this Divine Remembrance, in our breathe, in our thoughts, feelings, words, actions and deeds in daily life - holding the Christ-Self-Awareness of the Real - here and now.

This is how we birth and anchor the fullness and abundance of Spirit-Soul in this world. This is how we meditate and uplift ourselves and others, by holding this Reality consciously from within. When we facilitate this profound change within ourselves, so shall the world around us begin to change. Enlightenment and liberation is not for us alone but for the whole world, all living spirits and souls. Within this is the mystery of self-offering as demonstrated by Lord Yeshua. In our Quest for Consciousness, we relinquish the desire for self-alone as we enter into the fullness and unity of What is and Her Abundance.

In this is are many gifts of the Holy Spirit, imparting great healing power, teaching, preaching, discernment, power to create change and impact reality from the subtle dimensions, the secrets of prosperity and supply, the ability to shift fates and fortunes, prophecy, knowledge and wisdom of Creation and God, enlightenment and liberation - all made known to us by Grace of the Holy Ghost. Many mysteries await us within our holy soul, Don’t leave Her waiting too long, in truth there is no choice She belongs in our life to Love us and us to Love Her! Meditate, pray, invoke and cleave to the Holy One and seek the Kingdom first, all things shall be added to you!

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