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Transpersonal Hypnotherapist,
Florida, USA

"My experience with Alex was remarkable. I came to him with no specific concern just a curiosity as to what he would find. I felt like it was time to confront and work through whatever my soul was holding on to, and this was the way to do it. Alex lives in New York and I live in Florida, so he called me before hand and instructed me to find a quiet place to just lie down while he performed the healing. I had no idea what to expect as I've never done one of these before, and I also wasnt sure exactly when he would be starting. I immediatley started to feel this wave of energy flow through me. I felt a concentration of this energy over my heart, and then what felt like a giant wave of happiness flooded my system. So much so that a huge smile came across my face, and I couldnt explain why or where it came from. I just felt pure love and happiness. I knew he was doing his work. Eventually I felt this energy fade away and minutes later I received a text that he was done and an explanation of what he found. He was extremely thourough with his report. One of the things he mentioned was abandonment and sadness that I was holding in my heart. He released it and helped my soul work through it. I knew then that was the pure happiness and love that I had felt. Everything he told me correlated with what I was feeling in my body during the retrieval. Since then I have felt a drastic change in my temperment as well as habits. For the first time in years I could feel the intense anger that I always felt was gone. I literally felt like a weight was lifted from my spirit. What was even better was my constant urge to go back to smoking cigarettes was gone. I realize that the anxiety I felt which caused me to smoke in the first place came from the sadness I was holding in my heart. Since my session with Alex, all of my deep rooted patterns and issues that need to be addressed have been surfacing. Im able to see what I need to work on and do so. I am extremely grateful for my experience with Alex, and I strongly recommend his services."

Clinical Psychology PhD student
New Jersey, US

My first healing experience with Alex was sublime and exalting! His dedication, passion and innate ability to heal are absolutely commendable. I was open to the experience and went into my healing session with a neutral mindset. As soon as Alex entered the room and purified it with his healing work, I could feel the energy shift, and became articulate and relaxed enough to describe my intentions for the healing. I didn’t have to say much as Alex understood with very little information. He stayed with me and helped me unblock my energy centers until it was all done. He did not rush nor ask about payment. His passion and selflessness were evident through his work. He also extended his stay and helped me with the spiritual bathing technique, which was recommended to me by a renowned Haitian healer.  Alex’s amazing work helped me experience a lighter, freer and more positive version of myself. Words cannot describe the events that unfolded from the following day. Everything went smoothly and felt in flow and good. Fresh ideas and opportunities for growth generated and I felt rejuvenated. I highly recommend and wish every client of Alex’s experiences his beautiful gifts. God Bless!

Long Island, New York

I got a spiritual healing from Alex. He was insightful, accurate, and gave me guidance. He gave me a new out look on how to approach situations in my life, and how I see things. I gained strength and was inspired to work with greater confidence than I did before. He helped me deal with my emotions better; Taught me the value of the word no and when I should use it. I highly recommend Alex, with confidence you'll get as much out of his healing as I did.


Treatment Coordinator for people with disabilities

Bronx, New York

When I first met Alex, I was a whirlwind of untamed emotions and heavy laden with baggage that were not all my own. At first I was skeptical about the whole “healing” idea but after witnessing how much of a genuine soul Alex is, I decided to trust him and take the movement and it is one of the best things I ever did! My relationship with GOD, myself and my emotional world and relationships with friends and family has grown tremendously since working with him. Alex is truly a gift from the divine. I have learned that healing is a process and not a magic pill. However if you choose to take this route (and you should) you have the best guide to assist you along the journey.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor  
Long Island, New York

The spiritual work I’ve done with Alex has influenced my perspective on the nature of the universe; its dimensions are imperceptible and inaccessible to virtually everyone, save for a few gifted with the ability to bridge the gap. I admit, this work can be exhausting and one should be prepared to face the things that one has buried, subconsciously. On one occasion, during a healing, my experience was emotionally taxing and my mind needed a day or so to recalibrate. Nevertheless, our work was not in vain as I gained a sense of clarity and connectedness to my mind and the world around me. I found inner peace, knowing that my struggle was finite and there was warmth and love, emanating from the ether thru which spirit communicates. I had this experience during a difficult time in my life, when I felt hopeless and disconnected, so I was grateful for this spark of light. Alex has always been supportive as a friend and I think the same can be said as a spiritual intermediary

Corrections Officer
Bronx, New York

I met Alex through a dear friend of mine. I had always hard about spiritual advisors, but if I’m being honest I hadn’t believed in the work they claimed to do. My friend had already been seeing Alex for almost a year and she told me he saw her child with a child and even mentioned the gender. At this time she had no children nor was she pregnant. When she told me I became even more skeptical. About a month and a half to two months later she was pregnant and had been when he told her about the child. The wheels is my head began to turn and that revelation piqued my curiosity. I told my friend if the gender Alex had previously mentioned was found to be true I wanted his contact information. As you can see I am writing my testimonial. I connected with Alex and it was the best thing I could’ve done for myself. He is authentic, kind hearted, genuine, knowledgeable, humble, dedicated, easily accessible and very in tune. Alex has guided me through some difficult times and for that I appreciate him. I can attest if you use Alex as your spiritual guide you WILL NOT be disappointed.


Customer Services

Bronx New York

Hello, my name is Rafael, I’m 42 years old, I’m from Mexico, and I’m a cancer survivor, I was very lucky to meet Alexander, in my process of recovering from a surgery, I always thought, I was going through a body and soul cleansing, and meeting Alexander just showed me I was right, with his kindness he helped me, energetically, and spiritually to understand better my “apparent cancer” like he likes to call it, and to make better decisions about my health, since being in this condition it is easy to get confused and depressed, honestly we ( my family and I) can’t thank enough to the universe, God almighty for the presence and wisdom of this angel in our life. When I went to my first session with Alexander, I was walking up 4 floors to see him with a cane with difficulty walking. After our session, I left forgetting my cane walking down the stairs. I returned upstairs to get the cane. Alexander and I began to laugh together at this.

God bless you Alexander, peace and light!!

Police Officer
Long Island, NY

On October 12, 2016 I was involved in a car accident where my car flipped for two blocks, we hit two poles, a fence, and 4 parked cars. While the car was rolling I remember seeing a bright white light and feeling safe because I felt like I was with my loved ones who passed a while ago. In the hospital EMS, FD, and PD approached me and my two friends telling us how lucky we were that we were alive and that when they first approached the scene they thought we were all dead. I got 13 stitches in my right eye and was not able to walk because of the seatbelt injuring my hip, as well as covering in scratches from the glass.


My friend in the backseat got two broken ribs and a broken wrist and the driver had a few scratches. My car was totaled so I had to clean out whatever was left in there. I used to have about 10 crystals and the only thing that was saved was a quartz in the shape of an angel. Later that day

       Alex texted me telling me how spirit told him to reach out to me and that something has happened. I was shocked and told Alex about the accident and he offered to do spiritual healing work. After the session, Alex told me that my great grandpa was there with me as well as my cousin Michael (the two I was thinking about during the accident).


Alex was even able to find out how my cousin passed away and he told me he was living his life through mine and that it was connected to this accident. Alex also mentioned how St. Raphael was working through him during the healing. I felt weight lifted off my chest after the healing. I haven’t felt that good since the accident. I was so relaxed throughout the whole experience.


    After everything I drove Alex home and my friend (who was sitting in the backseat during the accident) called me and asked me if I wanted to hang out. I said sure where are you and she said she was hanging out in the parking lot of Saint Raphael’s church. I had shivers down my spine. At my next doctor’s appointment, I was told that I recovered 2 weeks faster than expected from the concussion I had gotten from the car accident.

 Alex did an amazing job and that’s not the only time he has helped me. He’s always there for me, very intelligent with his studies and sensitive to his spiritual side.

Financial Advisor 
New Jersey

I am so blessed to have worked with Alexander DeReeder. When I was introduced to Alex's work, I was so exhausted on every level, and on the verge of giving up. I had been going in cycles of launching into my calling and then being set back by one catastrophe after another. I believe that God sent Alex at just the right time. I had tried almost everything to find freedom and healing from the entanglements of my family history and past experience. I had searched for many years for someone whose awareness of the spiritual reality and understanding of the landscape of the unconscious, could support me in the way that I needed most for my unique situation. His patient, compassionate, and honest nature is what helped me as his client to feel held and safe and be able to stay in the present moment where healing could take place. Since working with Alexander DeReeder my life has completely transformed. I have been able to let go of years of wounding, painful experiences, and unhealthy practices, that has freed me up to welcome loving relationships, honoring my path and calling, and creating a new future for myself, within the loving support of the Divine. He is truly a skilled practitioner. He approaches each therapeutic session with a reverence for YHWH, the Creator that is tangible, healing, and is spiritually evident.

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