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Alex de Reeder

A Dreamer in the Storyteller's Great Visage
Shining Light from the Blessed Heart
Awakening to the hidden beauty of Life-Itself and what I AM

Peace  & Blessings to You!

In 2012, a dawn of new consciousness awakened within Alex. Life Itself became a continuous communication through the phenomena of synchronicity, dreaming, insight and spiritual experiences. The following and listening movements from within guided him, to becoming conscious on the path of Self-Realization and Anointing.


 In search for answers, Alex studied at universities which gave the footing for basic psychological ideas and theories. However, the limiting framework concealed the very depth and nature of Soul his heart yearned to know.


By Grace of God, Alex has been led to teachers who went beyond the confines of consensus reality and demonstrated our True Nature through their Self-Realization with God and Spirit. They come from different backgrounds of experience, each unique in their spiritual manifestation -  holding the Greater Frequency - as healers, light bearers and teachers; Wisdom Keepers of ancient mystical arts and traditions.

The Holy Light & Holy Spirit manifested itself through his Teachers, whom have transmitted the Healing Wisdom and assisted in development as a spiritual healer, man of Knowledge and warrior of light for the land and people. Alex been trained to perceive underlying issues beneath the manifesting conditions and call forth the Movement of Spirit and work with the Regenerative Principle of Life - The Holy Shekinah & Archangels of the Infinite Beingness - God, to assist others in restoring their light and truth within.

Within you, is something extra-ordinary. We have a great God given power - it is deep in the heart of the Soul - of which one  uncovers this secret. We do not have to be victims of our own subconscious mind and it's dreaming. By proper use of heart-mind, body and soul, we may step beyond the repetitions of the past and it's limitations, into a new Way and Life with God & Spirit, to be free, to be ourselves, happy, healthy and in harmony with our Nature.


Training & studying the healing arts since 2015, Alex uses Spirit-Field Constellations as a way of divine intervention and spiritual healing to uproot and unblock deeply rooted karmic conditions seeded in the matrix of the soul that weave negative timelines and lead us astray, which ultimately disrupt the manifestation of life, it's abundance, fulfillment and the birthing of our True Being. This unique work is a blend of family constellations, spiritual healing, Initiatic Science  & alchemy, all guided  by Divine Spirit with the intention of Tikkun Olam, the healing & empowerment of all living souls and spirits to be awakened and Self-Realized in God. 

Alex's educational background includes transpersonal psychology, trauma, psycho-dynamic theory and neuroscience with an from M.A. Teachers College, Columbia University. He also has 10 years of clinical experience in the mental health field. While studying at University, Alex looked to merge science with spirituality through his phenomenological case study: the Intuitive Quest, which he presented at the Spiritual Life Conference in 2016. It was through this project that he began to have conscious encounters with the Spiritual World and recognize the innate relationship between our inner-world of consciousness and our external world life-display.  His main interests revolve around how we can alter, shift or impact the matrix of our experience - particularly how spiritual interventions and ancient spiritual practices can heal the body and mind from various ailments and imbalances to create outer change. This includes learning how elevate our spirit to accelerate and evolve consciousness beyond it's default programming. He is also passionate about the study of Biblical Wisdom and Holy Kabbalah as tools for prayer life, spiritual connection, spiritual community. 


 He has witnessed powerful healing and transformations take place on all levels throughout the journey, for others as well as for himself. He knows that Love-Compassion, by the Grace of Spirit-Life is what heals and restores us back to our original image as children of light - Dignified, Authentic and Peaceful in Self, standing before Life in full trust and surrender to That Which is Greater.

True change is based in the Power of Love, Surrender and Trust with Life, seated within Self. This is an inward and Godward movement, in contrast to the descending-outward movement of consciousness we see today, living outside of Self and Spirit. 

Alex's strength is that he has a whole spectrum of personal experience in the light and dark polarities, which has allowed him to understand in-depth the process of inner development and transformation. Since birth he has defied the "odds", incarnating into apparent infertile parents, surviving two near-death experiences and ultimately overcoming addiction and disorder. He is a living embodiment of Spiritual Regeneration.  

May we all realize our inborn trust and gather into the  sacred unity of our True Nature from within, to restore our bodies, renew our minds and flood the Mother Earth with Divine Grace & Mercy through our state of being, May all Come into Being & Remember Truth, Amen.


The Teachers

The Ones Who Come Before Me

The beautiful lineages which have generously given the light transmission of the work and supported it's birthing through me to be of service.


Yeshua The Christ

Since 2016, Yeshua revealed Himself to Alex and gently led him to deepen into the Self  based in the Power of Compassion through the Movement of Spirit.  Slowly building up the foundation in Love, Yeshua has become the cornerstone of Alex's life and call to healing. 


Anna Miranda 

A renown Intuitive Oracle and Spiritual Guide on Long Island. As a major component of Alex's initial spiritual awakening in 2012, three years later, Anna began to teach Alex self discovery methods to experience the reality of the unseen. This became a phenomenological case study called The Intuitive Quest created by Alex for his Masters degree. Anna taught Alex that 'there is no such thing as being psychic, only knowing thyself". This project with Anna acted as a initiation into the mystery of Self, God and Spirit.


Ron Young 

The advanced teachings of Ron Young’s healing wisdom is the root of which Alex began his training as a spiritual healer. Through Ron, Alex began to stabilize his field and develop perception by direct experience of healing work and it’s application to everyday life. Ron’s teachings assisted in the development of Alex’s heart and mind to deepen into the archetypal dimensions of Self and God Reality with it’s Greater Love, Wisdom and Power, which changed him forever. With proper posture and correct relationship, Ron guided Alex into the Big Field of the Creative, teaching him how to utilize, trust and call forth healing, regeneration and Grace with God and Spirit. Under Ron,  Alex partook in many hours giving service doing spiritual healings and attuning to the Divine. This includes working with serious ill patients with life threatening situations under Ron. Many of which still live today and experiences extra-ordindary recovery.


Robert Vetter

A cultural anthropologist, author and healer, Bob's work focuses on traditional healing methods he was taught by the Native Americans of Southern Plains and adopted by  medicine men of several different families who passed to him their teachings and knowledge of healing. He later immersed into the Mesoamerican system of healing known as Curanderismo. Bob helped Alex retrieve aspects of himself and connect to the healing power of the elements, sacred use of resin and herbs, ceremony, community and doing spiritual cleansings known as a "Limpia". Bob's lineage is held in place by wisdom keepers of the Earth who carry ancient wisdom of how to be in harmony with Life and all her creations for health and well being.


Dr. Catherine Shainberg 

 Transpersonal psychologist, Kabbalist and healer who focuses on the power of dreaming and imagery to transform the subconscious.

Statue of Mary

Elder Gideon, Tau Sarah, Tau Malachi

 Gnostic Apostles of the Sophian Tradition and Holy Kabbalah.

Lineage holders of a Messianic Holy Kabbalah oriented towards the revelation, realization and embodiment of Godself through the Christian Path.

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