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The Evil Inclination & Our Fear Doors

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

We all are subject to the evil inclination. In Holy Kabbalah, the evil inclination is called the yetzer-hara. This is a tendency within the subconscious personality of human beings. You could say the evil inclination is connected to our shadow self and egotism. It is of our personality structure. When we do not learn how to use our heart & mind, we become subject to our evil inclinations. The evil inclination is the tendency to feed the negative habits of ourselves. When the Bible discusses the “evil” or “wicked” hearts, describing the nature of man’s yetzer -hara, to device schemes and commit sin which violates the Law, going against God, thus incurring negative karma. Our infirmity and iniquity is based in our evil inclinations. Truly though, in going against God, we go against our Inner Self, harming others as well as ourselves.

The evil inclination is the habit formation of destructive thoughts, feelings, words, actions and deeds. It is based in cosmic ignorance, our experience of lack & separation, from which arises fear, self grasping and desire outside of the Self into the world of illusions. It sabotages and inhibits inner growth & revealing of our Light into the world. Cosmic ignorance is the illusion of separation & lack we experience. It is the appearance that we are apart from God, without the Fullness & Abundance that we are. Thus, the arising of our insufficiency: the self grasping and clinging nature of the mind and the desire to receive for self-alone as a personal attainment. Sophian Gnostics would say this is the greatest evil. My teacher Ron warns about seeking power for the sake of power alone, whether it's psychic, political, material or simply to feel good. Evil is a result of cosmic ignorance; sin is the movement which creates so called evil: the illusion of distance or separation from God. Yet, it is through the possibility of evil that we have free will. Evil then, is the inversion of our True Nature. In Holy Kabbalah, we this energy is called qlippah. Qlippotic energy forms shells and screens around our consciousness. It conceals the Light Presence & Light Power within from our awareness. Within all so called dark things is the Light. Sophian Gnostics & Kabbalists call this the shattering of Qlippot, the retrieving of Light sparks that are trapped by qlippah. Abraham shattering his fathers idols, the destruction of Babylon and Yeshua on the cross are all different degrees of shattering qlippah in order to free up the Light. We feed create qlippah and feed qlippotic energies when we entertain our evil inclinations. In turn it makes it more difficult to exercise power over negative choices. Choices determine our experience of consciousness & possibilities in the field.

Choice, cause & effect (Karmic Law), light and dark, the evil inclination and elementals are all inter-connected things.

The evil inclination is what the Negative Polarity (Satan; the Adversary in Hebrew) uses to use man’s mind against himself. The more we feed our evil inclination is gains power and attracts those forces of infirmity and iniquity to feed off our emotions and use us as vehicles for dark forces. It uses our habit of collapse (negative emotional responses) against us this way. The Negative Polarity challenges Yeshua during his fast in the desert. Yeshua is temped by Satan but does not give heed to his evil inclination. In Judaism, it is said the greater the man's potential for good, the more wickedness is contained within him that he must face. Yeshua's wisdom does not permit Satan nor his evil inclination to dominate him. He is in his spiritual authority & rooted in the Truth; He is a tree of life firmly rooted & guided through Christ Superconscious.

The Holy Spirit appoints us an emissary of Light from the Most High. We are given many angels who have charge over us. We also have a Guardian Archangel who is very high level, Superconscious Being. The Holy Guardian Archangel is constantly trying to guide us into the goodness & Light as we are tested on our journey and walk our path.

Call these heavenly angels in always. Invite them to shine their light and support you. The await our call. Don't wait. Be active and reach out. In doing so they will meet us and know what we are open to receive the support and guidance.

The Holy Guardian Archangel is a profound Being. One who learns to communicate with their Holy Guardian Archangel will come to know the deep love, care and reverence that the Heavens hold for them. They want us to win, to be happy and free! Lose a wallet on the bus? call up your Holy Guardian and speak to him the situation and he will work to coordinate with the Heavens to orchestrate the return. Your Guardians are like your heavenly social workers. They are exhaustless Holy Spiritual Forces of Light. Honor and revere them, they are sent by God, what a gift!

Evil inclinations down to the motivations in our heart; the subconscious mind. The alignment with the motivations in our heart comes through our thoughts, feelings, words, actions & deeds. It is a matter of the vibratory frequency we hold. For whom do we truly serve? What is the true purpose of our intentions? These things, while they may appear clear to the conscious mind, can quite differ in the subconscious mind.

Those who attempt to appear as angels may be surprised to encounter the depths of their soul and the reality behind the appearances. Very often, our good intentions are obscured or misguided due to the conditions we hold within the subconscious. This includes our own cosmic ignorance. The more of our darkness is revealed, the greater compassion we should have for our fellow brother and sisters. Likewise, the greater we realize the need for the Lord in our life, the need to cleave to Deity. If you are a Christian, it is the urgency to cleave unto Yeshua the Christ. For we realize we cannot do this alone and without Him we are dead. The dominions of darkness know this and seek to divide, distract and sever this connection. Cleaving with the realization of how much we need God, helps bring humility and surrender to an aspirant, in which they can enter through the Holy Image.

Much of the world is dominated by their evil inclination. Driven by fear, doubts, malice and insecurity results in the manifestation of an evil world, who’s tendency is to follow their evil inclinations. This greatly divides us against each other and ourselves. It assimilates us the Satanic reality of the Demuirge; The gods of false light. This is a counterfeit reality which is an inversion of our True Nature. The evil inclination then, is simply Self-Deception, which varies in grades and degrees. So called evil will always be able to exist in our world. It is a natural aspect of Creation which makes our experience life possible. The problem isn’t so much Satan or Fallen Angels, it is our lack of Self Knowledge and choice to align in the Light of God, to become who and what we are in God; the image and likeness of Christ. In our labors, we are met with Divine Grace,

How do we overcome our evil inclinations? We clear our subconscious mind, heal and realize the Soul in Christ through Divine Grace. My teacher Ron called those pockets of low frequency we hold “fear doors”. These are negative vibrations, energies, memories, blockages and elementals we hold in the subconscious. The more we change our inner-form, the very fabric of our reality begins to transform. This transformation is a higher vibratory frequency of Light. The more we resonate with egotism, contentiousness, aggression or malice, we attract, create and get pulled into such circumstances or situations. We also then absorb the elementals and negative energy associated with such vibratory frequency.

Becoming a landing strip for dark forces saturates our body and reverses our field. It amplifies our collapse nature, agitating and disrupting our lives. Wounded blame nature and our habit of collapse (emotional fear based responses) also act as fear doors for dark forces, negative elementals and evil to inhabit and linger around in our life.

Fear doors imply that we are holding fear based reality. These can be traumas, triggers or wounding we hold onto. This includes our evil inclinations; negative habitual formations. Our Awakening, the God-Self Realization is the ultimate Enlightenment and Liberation from fear-based reality. It is our re-union and assimilation into Godhead as Spirit Soul Self. As we heal, clear and take up spiritual practices and devotions, Divine Grace bestows unto us grades and degrees of Truth that enlighten and liberate the soul from vicious cycles of karma & the lies from the little devil on our shoulder; our evil inclinations.

In spiritual healing & clearing work, we are dis-energizing, dissolving and deactivating the fear-based realities and their many forms. They are then refilled with Light and etheric vitality which regenerates and heals the field. The result is a new timeline and experience of consciousness. A greater unfoldment of Life opens up, with new potential, possibilities and support; a higher vibratory frequency is anchored in time-space-place of your consciousness. Fear doors includes all low vibratory emotions that collapse the field. The base of our negative emotions, is fear & anger. If we are to experience peace, joy, love, success and understanding, we must redirect such emotions in a useful way & elevate our vibratory frequency. The fear doors must be cleared and sealed. We must be the guardian of these gates and permit nothing discordant to penetrate our hearts. We must clear the emotions and become conscious to direct our thoughts positively & efficiently .

If we are to walk in the Light, we must resonate with the Light through the Power of Love, becoming the Love, not the fear or anxieties. This is how we do good and over come evil. Rather than a mental idea from our personal conscience and it’s need to remain innocent and belong to a group or tribe, true good is of the Natural Law. It is resonance with Truth, a spiritual movement of Consciousness. The result is for the highest good of everyone!

May we all obtain mastery over our emotions and awaken from the ignorance of our own mind!

May we all realize our freedom from the dominions of darkness & become the Light, with God & Spirit!

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