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Karmic Cleansing


            According to Masters of Tradition, there is a destructive force called the qlippot. The Hebrew word ‘qlippot’ literally means husks or shells of impurity. In Holy Kabbalah, qlippah is also called the ‘glowing husks’ or false lights that veil the True Light, which Initiates must breakthrough in their ascent to higher levels of consciousness in the Soul. As we spiral through the healing continuum of our journey in the Holy One, we recognize when we are outgrowing certain forms and patterns, that may veil us from a greater revelation of our fullness and unity in Godself.


          Over time, an Initiate learns how to release the holy sparks trapped in the negative patterning that is loosening for harvest, to be reintegrated into the Light of Awareness. In this light, we see how qlippot may serve us for a while but then must be either discarded, transformed, cut off or destroyed. The Law of Growth demands that we shed our "serpent skin", for truly, we cannot put new wine in old wine skins without them breaking. The greater  influx of Light requires a vessel that can hold & sustain it's vibratory frequency. In translation, we must become psychologically prepared in order to withstand the tests that come, for as the Light increases, dark forces naturally arise and attempt to destabilize, all in the Holy Shekinah. 


          Some qlippot manifest as dark and hostile forces or Guardians of the Threshold, powers that test our development as we evolve and transition to different stations in the Soul or pass beyond the Dome. In other words, they are personified as types of intelligent entities. Other times they are great misunderstandings, false perceptions or wrong conclusions from our ego-mind about our Self and Reality. Both are potentially dangerous for spiritual aspirants that can lead astray or cause severe imbalances in our person and life. Freedom requires our eternal vigilance, to stay awake and keep in faith by turning inward and quieting the egoism of our present day personality that tries to masquerade as our True Self, which only leads to more suffering.


         Rather, we are to listen and follow the Will Towards the Light.  This is what ultimately starves the qlippotic forces, those antagonistic elementals, and dissipates the power of the Adversary over us, all by mastery this personal devil we call our ego-mind of the present day personality. We must discern and discriminate the difference between the Will Towards the Light and the voice of the ego-mind, and over time, we do, praise God! Yet we must remain ever humble and awake in Love, for in truth the tricks and insanity of the ego never end and only a pure heart, God's heart, not ours, remediates our person and life and liberate us from such illusions of our egoism. This is Divine Grace.

           So, this is our greatest weapon as Warriors of Light, Holy Knowledge, of our Will Towards the Light, this Holy Shekinah, the true essence of our Divine Nature. It’s in this Light of Awareness that indwells us, all that arises naturally self-liberates and reintegrates into God-Source, through which all is recognized as a radiant display of Infinite Beingness. Exercising this Awareness is called Remembrance. Whether Spiritual Healing, Karmic Cleansing or Spiritual Practice, this is the Superconscious Self-Awareness we strive to open up into for the Holy One to carry out the work, as cables for His Spirit & Power of Love. In truth, it is our egoism that is one of the major factors that causes us suffering. There is only God, there is no other. YHVH Achad!



           Now, the qlippot is the force that sustains the Tree of Death and counter balances the Tree of Life, acting as a dualistic, contending force, in the Worlds of Existence. It’s also the force of death the causes aging, decay and degeneration. It’s the source of power practitioners of the left-hand path consciously seek to harness and direct to achieve their goals. It’s also what we may invoke subconsciously or by accident when we give in to our violent inclinations, entertaining enmity or hatred towards each other. In this way we feed the qlippotic forces as if it's banquet night. The difference between a practitioner of dark magic and a non-practitioner is that the practitioner knows what they are doing. Both are based in self-will and ruled by their egoistic desires and emotions. In other words, in our ignorance we generate dark forces through the qlippotic energy of the Tree of Death, essentially birthing  human demons; evil & destructive elementals.


         In time, it’s these entities which place obstructions on our path and are we are ultimately responsible for clearing up and reclaiming our light-power from them. The quality of the thought-forms or elementals we create is a matter of the energetic source we draw from. 


       On one level, qlippah implies admixed or demonic entities that seek to harm or hinder our growth.  Dark energy is generated and driven by our ignorance and creates and maintains our negative elementals. 


       On another level, qllippot are a natural phenomena  in Creation, as a result of God restricting His Light for Creation to experience His Life, Light & The Worlds of Existence without being overwhelmed by His Infinite Beingness. Hence, Masters of Tradition say that Creation would not exist without evil, nor would God actualize Himself, Godself, in us. Of course, this is not something we can genuinely understand mentally. It’s the Non-Dual Truth we come to know, deep inside of us, by direct experience of the One and revelation of Him to us, praise God.


            Stored within the center of qlippot are holy sparks that are to be freed, uplifted and reintegrated. In this way, it's form returns to it's innate purity and the sacred unity is restored, conjoined to the True Light. In the Qlippah is the Sefirot, Light-Power, Light-Emanations, Attributes & Powers of God. In this sense, sefirotic energy is life-force that maintains and sustains our health and well-being, and the entirety of Creation through archangels, angels and even humans. While qlippotic energy, is  that which drains & corrupts it, governed by the Negative and Ignorance, in the illusion of lack and delusion of separation.

       Essentially, these qlippotic screens that bend and distort our cognition & even bring us pain, become the karmic fuel that metabolizes our Coming into Being and the synthesis of our person and life. The same force that binds us, ends up being the  same force that will liberate us. This wisdom can be observed and contemplated in biblical stories. Abraham defeating the Kings of Edom, Job’s trials against Satan, Jacob wrestling the Angel of Esau, Moses battling Amalek or Yeshua overcoming temptations and even death, revealing deep mysteries of God, the Power of Love, how we are to endure and prevail over our lower nature and ultimately the qlippot and the rulers.



           We can view qlippot as obstructions in consciousness, as a result of our karmic continuum and the karmic vision we hold in place. In this case, they are elements of consciousness that must be purified and their energy transformed or redirected. Qlippot can be sourced physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually and  manifests internally or externally to us, all in the Shekinah.

             Energetically speaking, Masters have described how  spiritual qlippotic energy condenses into something called detritis. Detritis is a term used to describe a medium for condensed negative energy which causes disease and suffering. In the wake of our negative thoughts, words, actions and deeds, is the creation of detritis.  In time, this detritis is accumulated in the energetic bodies and then condenses into a miasmic form.

          This becomes illness, accident, injury or negative force that effects a person. It is the miasmic form which various entities can create, revitalize and tether to and seed further chaos, destruction or suffering. These miasmic forms and entities can be passed down genetically in the family field, creating a type of demonic force that tries keeps families in bondage to it’s resonance. This causes harm and can wreak havoc in our energetic bodies if not properly cleared or healed. These things lower our frequency,  allows entities to plunder the resources of our consciousness and supplant our seeds of light with seeds of overwhelming negativity. 


          Negative conditions from qlipptotic forces that afflict our person and life can have a variety of factors. Often, when there is a big hit, it is an accumulation of detritis that makes us vulnerable to such impact. I call this phenomena saturation. This is why it is important to maintain energetic hygiene, so that we can dissipate and dissolve this dark energy and hold a higher vibration and frequency more easily. Learning how to correctly use our Mind, master our emotions and instinctual nature is crucial to prevailing over qlippotic forces, whether they are internal or external.


        The more we free up blocked energy inside of us, the more we can focus and direct our will-power to create change, be it through prayer, invocation, visualization or by simply abiding in faith holding the intention. Otherwise, we will be easily dominated time and time again without the genuine development of faith and love to overcome them or the proper training of concentration . When we invoke, pray, meditate, practice introspection, study holy texts, do good in the Name of God and contemplate in the Presence, we begin to create positive angelic forces, angels of light, that empower and protect us. It attracts even greater light-powers to aid us, deliver us, bless us and provide us with what we need or seek. Invisible assistance is much more accessible in this way to answers our prayers and our prayers for others, in whatever form pray.


       Masters of tradition have spoken of how karma comes in waves. Karma can be dissolved in different ways. Angels can block or take karma, even warn us in order for us to take safer measures in a more chaotic time. However, our ego can also push away these things and defy the divine inspirations. This is why we must engage in spiritual practice and practice in daily life embody Life Divine, striving to walk with the Presence of God always, in remembrance of the Non-Dual Truth & generating the Sacred Heart, so that we may be given the Wisdom and Discernment to listen and follow our Lord in our heart. 


  The intention of a Karmic Cleanse is to clear negativity and pull off the intrusive qlippotic forces that are active in the field, whether that’s dark energy, hexes, malicious intentions or evil or unclean entities that have hijacked the system. Sometimes, there is a build up from stress and trauma which needs to be cleansed.

         Other times, we may have ‘stepped in something’ that may not have good intentions for us, whether in an actual physical place or even digitally. Karma, our choices and decisions, also amplify, draw to us, by law of affinity, and bind us to certain conditions that can lead to depression, anxiety, instability, heaviness or apathy. Our own egoism and ignorance can end up prolonging our suffering in this way. This is why one must learn to master their mind and emotions and engage in purification practices to keep the subconscious clean, healthy & protected from intrusive energies.


        For in truth, we reap what we sow. Therefore, we must labor with patience, faith, compassion, deep love and humility in all we do, with God & Spirit.  Karmic Cleansing may require sequential sessions in order to fully clear and stabilize the field from negative interference and reverse any harmful conditions set into motion as a result of psychic or spiritual malignancy.  


    You might want to get a karmic cleansing if you continuously experience ‘bad luck’, have persistent spiritual disturbances or nightmares, feelings of intense or threatening negativity, feeling waves of fear or panic, notice an unusual increase in quarreling, high levels of negativity in the workplace or environment, feeling heaviness or depressed or recently experienced traumatic events. All these things damage the energy field and like an open wound, leave us vulnerable to harmful pathogens that can make us even more sick.

        By the Movement of Spirit, I have ways of investigating the energy field to understand the type of karma, type & source of qlippotic force involved, the manifestation of interference, mediums by which interference operates through, level which root issue is sourced and which archangelic powers in the Spirit can help to counteract & provide remediation for the specific situation.


   Contact Alex via email to connect and further discuss how he can assist you.

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