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The Freedom Frequency & Greater Alignment (with Spirit)

“ Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.  And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into His image with intensifying glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit”

- 2 Corinthians 3:17

The Innermost Self is constantly working to find balance and establish order so that it can align with our True Nature, with it’s success, abundance, Self-Realization and Divine Inheritance. We can observe this in our dreams, our breathe, our body and our meditations. We can experiment with this truth, simply by following the ‘white rabbits’ in our life through our intuition.

There is a natural rhythm that brings us into alignment. This alignment harmonizes us to our inner resources and Divine Guidance. When we elevate our vibration-energy and expand our consciousness to higher frequencies, we are really resonating with higher states of being that allows us to experience new perceptions of reality. This is a way in which we learn to communicate with the Cosmos. It’s the language of dreaming. Our body broadcasts our thoughts and emotions as vibration and frequency. As we evolve in consciousness, we attain gnosis of the Freedom Frequency. This is the Godforce, which liberates the soul. The Freedom Frequency is what brings us into the Greater Alignment.

When we learn to be in communication with the Self, we discover how to come into the Greater Alignment. This Greater Alignment is what harmonizes us to the Frequency of Freedom, and vice versa. First and foremost, this is an inner-space in the depths of the Soul-Self. Freedom can come in many forms. We have different ideas and notions about freedom. In truth, the essence of freedom is the liberation from our own ego-minded tyranny and the dominion, powers and principalities within the subconscious.

As a dream, the story of Moses is a movement of consciousness that expresses the process of our liberation from the ego-mind and it’s darkness. While it may not be the completion of works, there is an powerful individuation process that brings the Hebrews into a Greater Alignment. Yeshua is also an expression of freedom, which demonstrates the embodiment of liberation and enlightenment; salvation. You see, the entire Bible actually reveals this constant movement, re-organization and coming back into this Greater Alignment; from Genesis to Revelations. This is working on a cosmic level as well as on an individual level of every soul. It's through our Spiritual Nature, which we come into True Knowledge with Reality, with Self and Soul.

The Greater Alignment in fact is the arrival of Spirit to us. It’s a great blessing, divine grace, which takes us forward into the Greater Unknown Future, with it’s abundance, success, fulfillment and completion. To come into the Greater Alignment, we must begin to consciously connect with our Spiritual Nature. In doing so, we are saying yes, to our Freedom Frequency - That Which Will Guide Us into Completion - with our Divine Inheritance and Spirit. When we find freedom within, we enter into the Freedom Frequency. This Freedom Frequency is the key to our Creative Light, it guides us to our truth and ultimately to Self- Realization and Manifestation with Spirit. No-thing outside of us is taking us out, because we are established with Self with Spirit. From this place, we operate through Compassion, Wisdom and Power in what we do. In turn, we enter into the Greater Alignment in which Divine Grace opens new doorways, opportunities and blessings to elevate us to a higher vibration and frequency. Thus, we are transformed in consciousness and our experience of reality changes. Over time, we enter into at-one-ment with Self and Spirit.

Moving by faith, The Freedom Frequency is something we become established within and work to maintain. The Greater Alignment comes, all orchestrated in with and through Self with God and Spirit. It may happen in ways which we do not expect or ways which we feel are ‘negative’. Preconceived notions or images of how the Greater Alignment appears only limit us. Thankfully, the Self will help us come into the Greater Alignment by showing us where we our not in balance or in harmony. Ultimately, the Greater Alignment and Freedom Frequency are not such separate things. You could say the Greater Alignment is the breakthrough, the movement of the Soul into a New Life, with Spirit. Whereas, the Freedom Frequency, is simply the present moment, where one is stabilizes within the Light-Presence, Light-Power and Divine Intelligence within them.

When one examines the world today, we see there isn’t much freedom as there appears to be. Many of us have not found the “Freedom Frequency”, within ourselves. It's ignored, resisted, malnourished and concealed. We can see very clearly how we are enslaved by our own self-generated negativity. Without making contact, communicating and establishing within Self, we remain ignorant to the Freedom Frequency. However, when we transform, so is the world. In reality, this transformation is the regeneration of our "original image and likeness of God". It starts with us. We are meant to shine. We are inhabited by the Divine and contain the Glory of God in our body.

Take advantage of this time. It’s a time to harmonize with the Greater Alignment and the Freedom Frequency during this spiritually profound, evolutionary period. Remember, when there are genuine boundaries, there will be true respect - and with respect we learn to see clearly, without being bound to limited interpretations. This clear space allows us to honor That Which is Before Us. This allows dignity to flood the space, for our self and the other, regardless of choice, creed, color etc. We are released from judgement and false expectations that we place on our self and another, when we begin to perceive Dignified Nature of another.

In return, we start to experience a genuine peace over us. While this is a spiritual peace, it affects the mind, heart and body as well. Real peace is a state of being connected to our Spiritual Nature, which includes all levels our being. It becomes evident that Love is the Law and is bigger than us, yet it’s deeply compassionate and involved in our evolution and all sentient beings existence. Held by this awareness, the perception of the Freedom Frequency illuminates our heart and mind. We experience the flow of Life in a very different way. So called miraculous occurrences, blessings, prophetic messages, higher consciousness, inner growth, beauty and joy become part of what we are. It’s the Light of Self and Spirit manifesting in the world, as we stabilize our awareness in this place; our Freedom Frequency. Our Freedom Frequency will guide us into our Greater Alignment, to become what we are and do what we have come to do, with God & Spirit.

Boundaries-Respect-Honour-Peace-Freedom-Life-Light. There are great revelations that await within this 7-rung ladder of mystery!

May we all re-unite with the Self, opening up the Freedom Frequency from within us, to come into the Greater Alignment of the Divine Will and Divine Plan in our life. May we follow our Divine Guidance and bless others in our Spiritual Manifestation, uplifting those around us and the planet with the Light-Presence and Light-Power of God and Spirit

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