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Earth Roots, Psychical Body & Stabilizing the Field

Updated: May 10, 2022

Our body is of the earth, a gift from the Mother of the World Herself. We aren't just part of nature, we are nature. Without rooting into our material form, we cannot partake in this world as we do. My teacher Ron said one time, that people are about 60% present for their experience on Mother Earth. This means that a vast majority of human beings are not anchored in their body, let alone harmonized the subtle bodies into a greater, unified vessel of light and consciousness. Why is this? What prevents us receiving the fullness of life that is offered to us by God-Spirit?

This is a deep question because it brings us to examine the deeper nature of reality and root causes of suffering in our human experience. The truth is we do not have to always suffer. However, if we choose to remain in the same linear-consciousness that we have been programmed and conditioned into, we shall remain in a never-ending cycle of suffering. Hence the phrase, history repeats itself. In truth, it is our historical-linear consciousness that is repetitive and devoid of spiritual life. This is because our collective consciousness continues to cleave unto darkness; ignorance. Thus, we reap what we sow.

So, clearing our subconscious mind, healing and spiritual life help to evolve our consciousness and enlighten our being. Walking in the light is done through our thoughts, emotions, actions, deeds and words. In other words, it’s a matter of vibratory frequency. All of these things have an energetic and spiritual value.

Our world is a world of action and manifestation. It’s the fruit of the many worlds of existence that precede it. The psychical world is an existence that interacts very closely with our world. It’s also known as the astral planes. The astral planes contain the heavens and hells we hear about in theology. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have to die to experience a heaven or hell. While we may transition our soul from one plane to another, we very much are connected to the psychical world right now. How? We have a psychical body, also known as an emotional body. The emotional body is a subtle body of energy. We have many subtle bodies that correspond with different worlds of existence. To the naked eye, they are invisible. To the trained spiritual eye, they are perceived.

Subtle bodies act as vehicles for us to interact with each corresponding world. Mainly, the psychic and noetic worlds are constructed from our own mind. The vibratory frequency of our thoughts and emotions make up our experience of these worlds of existence, thus, what we resonate with determines our vibratory frequency. In the psychic and noetic worlds, time and space isn’t like it is in the material world. In fact, it’s more about resonance that determines our image and likeness, so to speak. In scriptures, John, 3:19, says:

“And this is the verdict: The Light has come into the world, but men loved the darkness rather than the Light because their deeds were evil.”

One way to understand this verse is that the vibratory frequency of thoughts and emotions in humanity are resonating in an extremely negative way. The love here, has to do with the quality of connection or bonding, what we entangle with or choose to be like. It is the quality of the content within the subconscious and unconscious mind of humanity. The subconscious itself is oceanic, a vast reservoir of life-force and desire energy. My teacher Catherine, has said, for most human beings the subconscious is filled garbage. In our deeds or actions, we see the reflection of what is within; the fruit of our labors. Evil deeds are simply based in our ignorance; the falsehoods of reality. Thus, it is in our ignorance that we cleave to darkness, unaware and obscured. Coming into the Light is no easy task. It takes great humility, courage and compassion to “love the Light”. The closer we comes, the more is let go. In a sense it is a death and rebirth. Breaking away from our illusions and insanity can be painful to our ego-mind. Yet, it is a natural movement of the soul and necessary for our enlightenment and liberation from suffering.

Material & Emotional Body Connection

The Great Work then, our labor, is to clear the ocean of our subconscious mind, so that we can gaze clearly into the pure, crystal clear waters within our mind. In doing so, we learn how to direct our life-force correctly, align with positive forces and Divine Guidance. Then, healing and transformation become possible. Our vision becomes clear and we radiate light of Higher Consciousness. In return, we manifest a different reality and being. Unlocked potential, solutions and alignment bring forth a Greater Future. Moreover, we prepare for the world-to-come, upon our own transition and ascent.

Now, our emotional body must be cleaned and made translucent. The emotional body is intimately connected to our flesh-material body. Emotions and desires are stored in our material body, memory as well. If we are to truly be present and inhabit our full Divine Self, there must be space for the manifestation. Imbalances, blockages and traumas of the emotional body must be resolved. Emotions and desires need to be cleansed from the material body. Then, the psychical body will be flowing like living waters and make you a fountain of life. Yes, it is the foundation for God-Life to flow and nourish the other bodies, essential for harmonizing with the Higher Worlds and developing the Body of Light. It is the center for the Holy Spirit to manifest. This is a center of vision, discernment, purity and holiness. It must not be neglected!

Beneath our feet, is what is known as the Earth Gate. There is also the root chakra, under our colon. Both are useful and have important roles in anchoring into this world with the Self. As we evolve, our bodies naturally harmonize and our consciousness expands. There is also the construction of our Body of Light, which we build over time through our spiritual practice and evolution. It’s essentially the result of our spiritual labor, Divine grace and cleaving-devotion to God-Spirit, regardless of tradition. We become One Unified Being.

Stabilizing the field starts with mastering our emotions and desires by clearing the subconscious and healing. In turn, it becomes easier to focus our thoughts, concentrate and direct our energy in a beneficial way. Our life-force and mental energy will have greater impact because it’s no longer inhibited by the garbage contracting the field.

It’s also important to become aware of our Earth roots, whether the base chakra, through the Earth gate or both. Linking our consciousness to Mother Earth and spreading our root helps anchor us into our material body. It also help bring balance to consciousness when it is too concentrated mentally or there are feelings of anxiety.

When our bodies are out of alignment or there is imbalance, we cannot receive, regenerate or maintain health. We call this a reversed field. When our field is reversed, we are vulnerable to negative forces and become out of balance. Stabilizing the field means that we are balancing the field and then centering back into the present moment with Spirit.

My teacher Ron would say that when you are truly rooted, nothing can touch you. He trained us to develop ruby red boots visually to build up our earth root. By doing this, it became an anchor to stabilize the field, pull down healing frequencies and avoid absorbing energy from someone else during healing work. Whether it’s ruby red boots, a pillar of light or simply expanding your root chakra/earth gate, it’s important to find a way to ground and stabilize the field.

Re-Claiming Your Power Comes Through Embodiment of the Spiritual

A big opening in my life to gain deeper understanding of this, was through an experience during the night. Nightly disturbance had been a regular experience for me. Extreme anxiety, fear, anger and oppressive forces plagued my time for sleep. I would call in angels, pray to Mother Mary and ask God for help but nothing would move. One night, I woke up to what felt like fear being pumped into my body. I sat up and focused on going to my feet and rooting to earth. I knew I had to take my power in this, it was the only way. Once I rooted, I could feel I was more present in my body and I had more power this way. From there, I called on my Spirit-Team to assist me. With ease, I was able to clear myself and the space. After this experience, I realized that to bring forth any Divine Action with Spirit, I had hold the earth root firmly, just as much as the heaven root. This is matter of embodiment, becoming a holy vessel for the Divine Spirit.

Whenever we experience intensity of any sort, go to your earth roots immediately. We often disassociate without even realizing it. Throughout our lives, we habitually do this as a way to avoid the pain and suffering - be it physical, emotional or mental. Believe it or not, we all are very sensitive beings. We’ve built up all types of defense systems to ‘protect us’. Even closing off our hearts from feeling or perceiving beyond the confines of the linear mind. It’s in this space of ignorance that we feel safe and secure. While it may have served us in the past, it is causing us severe damage now and prevents us from healing and evolving consciousness. It delays the growth of the world into a higher vibratory frequency of existence. When we are out of our body, we allow negative force to inhabit our home and defile our land. This can cause mental health issues or even disease. Yes, our body is our home and our land!

Permitting the Mother of the World to Hold You

Stabilizing and rooting into our bodies is a process that takes time. It’s part of our Self-Realization. It’s essential for our true embodiment and manifestation of the Divine Self. In our ascent of consciousness, there is also a descent. In any case, exercise your awareness of the body. Strengthen the earth roots. Ask permission to connect to the Mother beneath your feet.. Breath with Her, into Her. Permit Her to open up within and through you, to hold and nourish you. Allow Her to guide you and heal you. Build a relationship with Mother Earth! She is of your body and the Mother of the World, a manifestation of God’s Presence. Draw up Her nectar through your body. Let Her Presence enter your heart and fill your being. Programming and conditioning has disconnected us from Mother Earth. We have isolated ourselves from Her Wisdom and Power. In turn, we have become very arrogant children, wrecking havoc upon Her Body. Let us apologize and thank Her for all She gives to us ceaselessly. In this way, we re-balance and re-unite with what's been feeding, clothing and housing us since the beginning.

Archangel Uriel & Stabilizing Subtle Bodies into Harmony

Another way to support grounding and developing earth roots is with Archangel Uriel. Uriel is a strong and beautiful presence that is associated with Mother of the World. Archangel Uriel holds the power to align, balance and harmonize the elements in our bodies and illuminate our consciousness with insight, truth and wisdom that liberates us from our own ignorance and darkness. Work with this Archangel to help ground the wisdom of the Soul and anchor Light in the body from higher dimensions. He will assist in the expansion of your consciousness and balance the brain hemispheres to synchronize with the heart and physical body. In a way, Uriel bridges and connects worlds to unify. Uriel’s grounding in wisdom also brings about a trust in something that feels tangible, but is simply the Truth within you that Uriel facilitate by presence in consciousness.

Be sure to have your thoughts and feelings calm and clear before connecting. Find the rhythm of your breath and cleave unto the Divine or deity. With conscious intention, you can invoke AA Uriel, imagining a silvery-white light. Attune to the light of Archangel Uriel and sense his presence. You can imagine this white-silvery light coming up from the earth gate, through middle pillar of your body, up into the center of your head. Then you can imagine the gate of Spirit open above your head with the intention of attuning to Uriel. Open your heart with conscious intention to connect, feeling your body and heart. Turn inward and go deeper. Develop relationship with Uriel. Ask him to assist you on your journey, to bring illumination and root you in truth and harmony of Life with God-Spirit.

The Lower Centers Are Where We Embody the Light

When we clear our emotional body, the ocean of our subconscious has more space to integrate the Self. It also helps our connection with the earth and anchor into our bodies more deeply. We experience life in a different way like this. An experience that’s worth having, or should I say, being!

May we all cleanse our bodies, to be purified and anointed with the Divine Light of the Most High. May all beings find their rooting on earth and in heaven, for full integration and manifestation of the Christ-Self Super-

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