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Watching Film as a Dream

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes” - Carl Jung

Every part of the dream is part of the dreamer. Whether in our sleep or during the day, we are dreaming. As we awaken from our slumber, perception of the Unified Fields becomes evident. The inter-connected and inter-dependent Field of Life is no longer the isolated, linear experience we previously existed in. We acknowledge that we are part of something much bigger and greater than us, as is everyone else too. Behind each systemic form and force, is the Super-Intelligence of the One Life Power and Substance. Behold, the great play of multi-dimensional dreaming!

We exist in an ocean of consciousness with it’s many systems and dimensions. It’s alive and present and always in communication, whether we are aware or not. In the Constellation work, we can observe the many aspects of the Field of Life interact and reveal different stories, scripts and patterns that have been held in place over time, which are active in our own consciousness and experience. It’s no different in our dreaming field. Our dreams are essentially a form of constellations, a waking dream. By the way, constellation in this context implies movement, as in movement of the stars - in this case, movements in the Field of Life, the container which life unfolds and weaves a tapestry in time-space of the Soul’s journey.

Stay Awake! Conscious, lucid dreaming is a matter of perception. Our outer reality is simply a reflection of the inner world’s form we hold. The greater unity we behold within us, outer and inner realities merge into one unified experience of consciousness. The appearance of separation then diminishes, spiritual discernment and insight become the way which we navigate our dreaming field, day or nighttime. This movement of merging inner and outer experience is a natural opening that takes place in our spiritual evolution. It’s a result of clearing our subconscious and resolving the issues of polarity within us. Moreover, it’s part of coming into who and what we are as the Self. This is the beginning of truly ‘opening our eyes’ to a more natural way of ‘seeing’.

A great way to work on developing this type of vision is to work with your dreams. Spiritual practice of any kind supports the development and the natural opening of this meta-cognition. Truly though, life is the real spiritual practice! Watching film as a dream is a wonderful way to practice seeing the unified fields as a constellation movement of one consciousness. You will begin to see movies in a completely different way! New meaning, understanding and insights are given that may even help you on your journey to see your Self. The film Contact from 1997 with Jodie Foster is a great film to watch as a dream. Watching this way allows you to enter into communication with the film itself. This may sound crazy, but everything has consciousness and speaks! Films can act as teachers, messengers, reflectors or even mediators.

Essentially, watching film as a dream will sharpen your intuition and help you to connect and merge the conscious and subconscious mind. It will also help you to ‘see between the lines’ and understand the constant play of outer and inner form, matter and spiritual, concealing and revealing nature of reality. In all we do, look to see the inter-connected and inter-dependent relationship between the many groups, systems and dreaming around you. We are part of a vast, multi-dimensional network of consciousness, inside and out. This is our dreaming, we must awaken and learn to walk in the light, if we wish to find harmony and peace in our world. This starts within our own dreaming!

May we come into conscious awareness our dreaming, to awaken from our slumber and dispel the illusions of separation within ourselves. May we dream a great dream, a light dream. a dream of union, with our True Nature, with God and Spirit

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