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The Systemic Matrix: Our Programming & Conditioning.

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

The fertile soil of the Self-Aware Soul to be realized and made manifest in the world is through the systemic matrix we are born into. This matrix, contains the familial, societal, religious, educational, political, cultural, astrological and incarnational fields which we are apart of. In turn, they are major driving forces of our conscience. In other words, these mental fields highly influence what we deem “good” or “bad”. As Dr. Hellinger , the father of family constellation work, pointed out, it is through our personal conscience, that we feel innocent when we are in alignment with the “good” and we feel guilt when we are “bad”. It is our personal conscience that serves to protect and defend it’s loyalty to the group it belongs to. This is a form of survival deeply embedded in the mind, a way to preserve our right to belong. It takes us back to our tribal days.

Our personal conscience can conflict with the collective conscience of a group. While we may have our ideas, concepts or notions about a person, place or thing, the impersonal approach of the collective conscience has no opinion, it has no interest in “whose right” nor does it “take sides” in the sense of contending. It only seeks to bring wholeness and completion to the system in contains. This collective conscience serves to preserve the group in it’s entirety. It upholds the laws of belonging, order and balance in a system; the Orders of Love. In family constellation work, we open the field to see underlying dynamics at work in relationship to a particular issue. Often, several of the Orders of Love are violated in some way, which require us to go beyond the limited interpretation we hold in place. In truth, the expectations, mentalities, attitudes, , morality, judgement, habit of collapse (emotional reactions) and the hidden agreements we have, are very much connected to the limited interpretations we hold in place (whether inherited, taken on through innocence or experience). For healing to take place, it often requires us to release the latter.

“Good” and “bad” in this case, are obscured images, biases, prejudices and judgement we hold from the systemic matrix and it’s karmic continuum. They bind us to limited interpretations. It’s in the energy of limited interpretations which generates a karma that blinds us from realizing the Light that frees us. This is because it is the limited interpretation which entangles us into the web of the matrix and it’s karmic inertia. Freedom is through the enlightenment and liberation of the mind from this karmic continuum. Between us an another, is a bridge. Within that in-between space is either transparency or many screens and shells that conceal the Light of Life.

Carl Jung says “until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”.

The programming and conditioning from the systemic matrix keeps us in bondage to it’s karmic continuum. On one hand, this is what makes us unique. It is through these structures which we are born again, from above, so to speak. In order to experience the rebirth though, we have a field to plough, a garden to weed. There is a labour. It is through spiritual efforts, that we can find balance, healing and harmony and fulfill the Orders of Love. Becoming conscious, we unlock the deep. Light illuminates the hidden reality that is directing our life, as fate. In that Light of awareness, change occurs; the Movement of Spirit.

What about free-will then? Standing behind us are thousands of stories and patterns woven in the fabric of the consciousness we are born into. There is no “going against” the undercurrents of conscience in the soul. Ambition, clever mindedness nor will-power does not resolve the mighty force of conscience. However, there is a way to align with the Greater Frequency of Spirit - through the Power of Love-Compassion. In essence, this is what brings unity between conflicting fields of conscience that disturb or block us. Breaking through the undertow of conscience then, we are crossing a threshold, out of “fate” to arrive at Destiny with Spirit.

Our ability to choose expands when we transform in consciousness. The more we align ourselves into the Light, we are elevating our vibratory frequency and new possibilities enter our experience. As we elevate this way, the husks of limited interpretation fall away. We become less bound to the karmic continuum and the systemic matrix as our perception changes into the image and likeness of Love-Compassion and it’s revelation to us by Spirit. This where being in the world but not of it begins. This peace and freedom in something realized from within.

We are here to bring our field of life forward. That includes the systemic family conscience we are born into. Some of us are here to do that on a very deep spiritual level to regenerate the field. While others are not. In the eyes of Love - we are all equals in this sense, all humans having an experience from One Being-Consciousness-Force. In this equality, we discover true humility and re-connect to the Soul of Humanity. Peace can then be restored in our field of life through this surrendering, with God and Spirit.

May we all surrender the limited interpretation that keep us bound to the karmic continuum.

May the husks of judgement be shattered so that the True Light be revealed, realized and free us from the harsh currents of conscience.

May we walk in humility, honesty and truth, so that what is not in order, may fall into place, by the Power of Love-Compassion with Spirit.

May all human beings be enlightened and liberated from the need to suffer, atone and avenge. Let us go beyond our programming and conditioning and gather in the Sanctuary of Grace, the Heart of the Soul, in unity with God-Spirit.

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