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Making Your Connections, Sitting Within & Attunement

Updated: May 10, 2022

The ultimate aim of meditation is union with Godhead. As we advance in meditation and spiritual life, we learn to hold this experience of Reality during the day and night. Our meditation practice builds up over time and it becomes easier to establish oneself within and maintain our focal point of experience in Higher Consciousness. The more we refocus and regather our awareness within the Self, the greater authority and power we can exercise over our system. You are the master of your system, the lord of your consciousness. Even if there is a storm, one who is connected, sitting within and properly attuned will be placed exactly where they need to be as chaos passes through. In fact, they will surely gain wisdom and perhaps even become blessed and grow from such experience. The Sun remains radiant if we abide in it's Light.

This authority & power is realized through the assimilation and integration of our Spirit-Soul. Spiritual practices contribute to the growth and development of this process; which creates a sufficient vessel to host and embody Holy Spirit & Divine Light of the Most High. Many traditions refer to this as our Body of Light. In Holy Kabbalah, we see a form of this Body of Light symbolically referred in the Biblical story of Noah’s ark. It’s also revealed in the New Testament through Lord Yeshua’s resurrection and ascension; the Body of Christ.

Our body is a vehicle. When we meditate, we begin to open gates of consciousness. Stepping through, deeper and deeper, we are actually entering into psychic, noetic and archetypal dimensions of the Self-Soul. Each world of existence has a corresponding body. This body, is the vehicle of which we use to travel in and through our multi-dimensional nature. As rungs on a ladder, we traverse in consciousness through various states of being as the doors of grace open up to us. We are given reference points and special ways to access and enter through the doors of perception with Spirit.

Internal openings come as we learn to sit within, ingather our presence from the outer world and concentrate our awareness inside. As we do these things, we learn to trust, listen and follow the creative movements of consciousness during spiritual practice. This begins to become a form of communication. In time, we find the our own language which is unique to our imagination and expression. Eventually we begin to establish and stabilize from within the Spirit-Soul Reality, our True Nature of Self. The gap between outer and inner worlds diminished.

We become active dreamers not only during our spiritual practice but in everyday life. This extension of meditation is true conscious spiritual life. Meditation becomes a moment to moment practice. We work to tolerate, hold and remain in the Greater Frequency of Spirit-Soul in the world. This means being in the world but not of it. Then do we truly become Human again. It takes practice to consciously say yes to higher frequency and not collapse into our habitual modes of thinking, reacting and feeling exhausted or unhappy.

Now making our connection is about being conscious of our system entirety. It means being in our spiritual authority and power to carry out feelings, thoughts, actions and deeds that are in harmony and alignment with the Divine. Practically speaking, it’s mastery over our emotions collapses, negative thoughts, destructive behaviors & selfish motives. In this mastery we are no longer slaves to our own evil inclinations nor manipulated so easily by demonic or dark forces. Knowledge of the Self, Truth and Light prevail in the focal point of consciousness of which we abide in. The dominion of this inner-space is not of our ego-mind personality structure but of the Spirit-Soul, Christ in us. Humility, Respect, Love & Truth rule here and acts as the Source for which the Divine Intelligence guides us.

On another level, making our connections means being rooted in the earth and heavens. It means expanding, extending and transforming continuously, holding the field in the physical and psychical body. Above & below unify. Physical and spiritual operate in Oneness through our multi-dimensional awareness.

Energy flows where are focus goes. Throughout our daily lives, we are met with all sorts of adversity & stress. We are bombarded with sensory input & bombarded with a pool of energy that we walk through. When our connections are made, we must be conscious of where we direct our energy. What catches our attention? What caught our eye? These things can pull us out of the Self, entangle our energy and contract our field.

Watching the news, texting on the mobile, scrolling through instagram all have the potential to split our awareness and link to undesirable forces. These things are portals. Even the conversation at the bus stop. Especially if you are empathic, we must be aware of how and where our focus goes. When we remain entangled with these things, we are no longer attuned to the Divine so much. Things can get static and obscured by the interference of emotions, desires and detrimental mental energies. These things can sabotage or inhibit our growth and well being. Making our connections implies boundaries, respect and dignity is known. The base of this is Compassion * trust.

Our concentration should be inward and attunement to the Divine, re-focused continuously. Breathe, imagery, sound or prayer are all ways to redirect our consciousness back into order and alignment; remembrance. Back into meditation. There are many ways. We must find our way to do this. Not mentally but spiritually. It will be given through the movement of Spirit, from within.

Life begins within. Living outside with no inner life is death. We invert nature and self destruction. Without Knowledge of Self, we walk in darkness, sowing discord and reaping suffering.

Meditation is meant to take us back into the Light but we are to hold this Light as much as we can during the day and night. As we develop in meditation, we generate vast amounts of etheric vitality. This prana or mana. Our bodies heal quicker, we are more resilient to illness and injury, we have more energy and power to direct our thoughts. We are sustained and nourished by “living waters’ as Lord Yeshua describes it. This means we are regenerating not only our field but the field around us as we learn to abide in this state of “overflow”. People can simply be in the field we hold and receive comfort, peace, healing, clarity or even a miracle they need in their life. It can come in the form of an idea, thought, feeling or conversation that can spark the ah-ha or transforms the mind. In the end, this is not our own doing but the Divine Light of the Most High. It is the work of the Creative Super-Intelligence, the Holy Spirit and Archangels!

In meditation, we cultivate an active-receptive way of communicating. It means the mind is surrendered from it’s ambitions and ideas of forcing, trying, fixing and clamping. It’s simply open and we are being. In the state of Beingness, we receive and respond creatively. It flows rather than being a fixed mental thing we do. Instead, it’s about being present & conscious without aversion or the need to do. Yet, it is actively in communication, flowing naturally. This is because attunement or even at-one-ment, is with God & Spirit. Whenever we lose this connection, we must re-enter. The more we work stay remain inward, the easier it is and the greater evolution will take place through divine grace of our Lord or Deity. Life is no longer something we try to control or make fixed. Instead we trust, listen and following from within our consciousness the movement of Spirit. We refocus and redirect the mind unto this order and alignment, concentrating our presence inward, learning to sit within, the throne of our own consciousness as Masters of Light.

“Make your connections to heaven and earth. Establish within your True Nature with it’s Fullness and Abundance: Spirit-Soul!

Focus and refocus, gather and ingather, Concentrating inwardly.

Sitting within, no mind, no thought.

Consciously attune to Holy Spirit

Enter At-one-ment with the Holy One.

Walk in the pure Light of God!

Overflow and bless others in your thoughts, feelings and deeds

Let not the world take you out.

Darkness has no power over the True Light.

Let the world be the world.

But you’re not of the world.

You’re not in agreement with it’s suffering, it’s sorrows, it’s doubts or self-loathing.

You’re not hypnotized by the consensus & fear based realities outside of Self

You hold a different vibratory frequency.

You're in your spiritual authority, master of your system.

Awake & Liberated from your own mind prison

Actively Dreaming & Being

As a Lightbearer, peacemaker & healer,

As a holy vessel & servant of Light

As a brother & sister, in Christ,

With God & Spirit

Blessing and Loving as much as you can,

For the kingdom, & the glory of His Name.”

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