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What is Meditation?

Image by Casey Horner

Our Bornless Nature & Primordial Meditation

God-Spirit, is the Great Mystery. Meditation is about coming into the realization and actualization of the Secret in the Mystery: our essence and nature as Divine Soul & the Pure Radiant Awareness that arises from No-thingness. This is the Kingdom of Christ-Light within you, the source of our Divine Intelligence, love, power, health, our supply and connection to the inborn God-Force that unites us all in the One, as the One - the All in All - of which we move, live and have our being. In every cell and atom of our body and soul resides this indwelling Light Presence and Light Power. In truth, you are a Palace of Lights!

 Our journey is one of reuniting and reintegration with  the Light Continuum, so that we remember our True Nature as this Infinite and Inexhaustible Light, beyond the fragmented identities of name, history and image-forms we hold in place that are based in the delusion of lack and separation from the Primordial unity and fullness of God-Life and  One Soul of which we all emanate; God and God-Self, respectively. We are do this day to day, breath by breath, to simply return inward and remember the Light of Awareness that indwells us and connects to the cosmic source of life and light. This is what Yeshua meant when he gave the order "keep awake". 


Through meditation practice, we return to What Is, establishing ourselves and integrating within this Inner Light, of which our way, authority, truth and light is given, by word of the Lord, the Spirit. In it, is our healing, our enlightenment and liberation from the self-deceptive dualism held within our own consciousness. These false lights of duality act as idols, ultimately conceals this pure Radiant Light- Awareness and obstructs our union and realization with It.  You are an Immortal & Eternal Soul, a Person of Light and you never left the Garden of Eden. Awaken, meditate, pray and invoke the Light! Abide inward and be still in the Light Presence and Light Power that holds you, it shall give you the salvation you seek dear friends!

Violet Stars

Meditation & Healing Circle

The meditation will be 1 hour. Another hour afterwards will be held to do healings. During practice, I will guide you, by the Spirit, through internal movements as the consciousness opens, expands and permits, into direct-experience with the Greater Love, Wisdom and Power of the Light Presence inside the heart and unity of Spirit-Soul with Infinite Beingness God - the True Nature of the Self & Reality. These Higher States of Being are the attributes, powers, qualities and actions of the Soul in Christ and very much natural yet are beautiful gifts we are to 'wear' or realize. 'Wearing' our realization is keeping our Light burning bright and not giving in to the hypnosis of the world it's doubts, fears, anxieties and depression. The Divine Presence & Power (Shekinah) cannot indwell us when we cleave to darkness in this way, it cannot operate through us as cables for the Archangels and Holy Spirit to draw forth Divine influxes of healing power and blessings of light from the Upper Worlds. 

Once we establish within our Spiritual Authority with Holy Spirit in meditation, we will hold this consciousness in order to do healing work together. Be sure to ask permission to those you wish to work with. We can work by distance. Bring in photos or full names. We can also send forth healing to the land and situations in the world. Generating a continuum of meditation and healing work will uplift not only our group mind but the land and people around us. Increasing the vibratory frequency consistently will stabilize a new field of higher consciousness and very much act as a beacon for the angels, archangels, saints, prophets, apostles and spirits of light to assist us and the community in unimaginable ways. This also acts as a service to the world to raise the consciousness of humanity.


There is no script or method, simply faith and love in an Ocean of Creative Consciousness and the Divine Intelligence that guides us together, to provide us with that which we need and seek in our life. Depending on the groups consciousness, the Spirit will respond and minister to us accordingly. Over time, like a seed, you will grow into a Tree of Life - rooted firmly the Power of Love-Compassion and Wisdom of Spirit-Soul - It's the Law of Perfection and Nature.

  • Cultivate inner life and relationship to Deity 

  • Learn to navigate in consciousness, as consciousness in a multi-dimensional reality, all from within you.

  • Develop concentration, focus and introspection skills 

  • Activate spiritual perception and construct your Body of Light to perform healings

  • Create spiritual community through deep meditation and healing work

  • Enhance self-awareness and overall well-being

  • Increase mental health and emotional growth

  • Gain understanding of the language of imagination, dreaming and Spirit. 

  • Receive greater sense of spirit-connectedness, inner strength, joy and gratitude.

* This offering is donation based, which are used to rent rooms and maintain website* 


Contact Alex for more information

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