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The Creative Light

       All of us contain the Divine Spark which emanates from Higher Orders of Consciousness into the more dense vibrations of the material body. This is our essence as a Spirit-Soul - a Pearl of Creation - and it is from this level of Consciousness where we become Inner Masters of  Self to be anointed as the Sons and Daughters of God we are meant to be. 

     What are these Higher Orders of Consciousness? And What exactly does it mean to be a Child of God?

       These Higher Orders of Consciousness are experienced and perceived through our Spiritual Nature. We begin to obtain a Greater Authority from this place of The Spiritual because we are not disillusioned by the limitations of the personality and trapped by the paradigm of matter/materialism. It's encompassed with a Greater Wisdom, Greater Love and Greater Power which Unifies all fragmented aspects of Life into Wholeness; Infinity as One Being. Health and harmony begins from this place.

      It also acknowledges that no-thing exists outside that is not already living within; holding Respect and Compassion for all of life, knowing it is simply a part of The Source of Life-Light which we all came from. This is our Dominion as 'gods'  that the Bible mentions, and it is our job as Children of God to take our  personal responsibility and utilize the Creative Light - the ability to heal, create, manifest and empower  Self and it's Expression of Life.

The Creative Light is The Divine-Action working through us, consciously conducting with Life and creating luminosity. This is the Will of God.

      Manifesting Life from our Spiritual Nature brings us into alignment for things to naturally organize and fall into place, following our intentions and vision of Soul. It  opens us to receive an Abundance of Grace and truly witness the Creative Intelligence of Spirit and it's Love for us. This is because Our Spiritual Nature is the Truth. Truth is meant to bring us back to Reality and cut through the illusions. Truth only wishes for us to resolve ourselves so we can experience Harmony with Life. God calls us to connect with our Spiritual Nature and access The Higher Orders of Consciousness so we can use our Creative Light to bring goodness and harmony into the world. It's by awakening to our Creative Light - The Child of God's innate Gift of Power to heal, transmute and regenerate back to Our Essence of Being, as Spirit. In the work that we do here, we are working with Light in various forms. It is through The Creative Principle of Life (The Christian tradition calls this the Holy Spirit) do we use our own Creative Light (our Soul-Ego Emanation & It's ability to Manifest, Connect, Create) open new movements within the Field of Life, with God and Spirit. We always use our Divine Power with Love and Humility and we must learn to use our gifts properly and not abuse them. How? by purifying ourselves and knowing what our Soul truly needs


     The Child of God is a delegate of God and Spirit. They Harness Their Inner Power - The Creative Light - to become a Master of Self and raise their consciousness not only out of respect for themselves but for the sake of God, Spirit and Mother Earth. The Creative Light is beyond belief, it requires Faith - to go open the doors of possibility and go beyond what is comfortably tangible, and into the subconscious, where  intuition and insight rule.

     Then, it is Trust in this Faith, which will allow us to walk on water, the symbolic bridge which links us to New Rivers of Life and all It's Goodness and Abundance. If Faith makes it possible, then Trust guides us to that possibility to make it a reality. 

    Lastly, Love is the essential catalyst to which makes Life and our Creative Light shine forth. Love is the alchemical process Itself. Without Love, our Creative Light is dim and easily put out by the shadows of our own fears, doubts and insecurities. In this case, we are susceptible to deception of the negative and easily influenced by it's forces, through our own weakness.  Yes, Love will strengthen us from such disarray and The Creative Light is our stability from this state of entropy. It's also our guide back to Harmony.  In Harmony, we can enter into fulfillment, success and authenticity. 

    We work with the Creative Light in everything we do - it is a matter of being conscious in our daily lives while to use it, so we can benefit fully from this Divine Gift. 

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