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Prayer for Grace

Most High Holy One,

Please, bestow upon me The Sevenfold Grace of The Holy Spirit,

Spoken of by your beloved servant, Prophet Isaiah

Embodied by Your Son Jesus Christ,  

Surround me with miracles, solutions, blessings and awe inspiring wonderment!

Empty my Heart and Mind

And fill me with Your Living Spirit

To live and breathe as One

In service of Thy Holy Will

And May I bring honor to Your Name


Prayer for Strength, Discernment and Awareness

O Great Spirit,

 I revel in your Spiritual Light of Perfect Love, Wisdom and Power.

Grant me the Faith and Courage to follow my heart,

 And Strength of the Universe, to willingly persevere into my Great River of Destiny,

I wish to serve the Purpose for which I was created, with God and Spirit.

Gift me the Discernment to know,

What is best for the Greater movements of my Soul,

To know the underlying Truth,

Beneath all situations, dynamics, stories, people, places and energies,

So that I may choose wisely, The Way with God and Spirit.

Bestow upon me 360 degree Awareness,

To be watchful of my heart,         


To be fully transparent with myself,

To be cognizant of all things around me,

Inside and out,

Light and Dark,

Truth and Deception,

Conscious and Subconscious

So that I may have ability to act and do Right by God and Spirit.


Prayer for Proper Place within Creation

I take my place within The Creative.

I take my place with Mother Earth, rooted in Her Abundance and Nourishment.

I take my place with The Heavenly Father, Son and Holy Spirit, rooted in Infinite Beingness.

I take my place within the Divine Mother, Creatrix of Life and Her well-spring of Love-Compassion.

I take my place within the Creative,

With my spiritual support and Divine Guidance,

With my allies and my ancestors,

With my friends, family and teachers,

I take my place within Creation

With correct posture and proper relationship,

Loves flows with an Abundant Grace,

Destiny, Purpose, Blessings and Miraculous Alignment

I Remember Who I Am

I am taken care of fully within the Great Spirit of Life


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